January 24, 2013

Monkey Suits in the Little Woods

*Click to biggify pics if you like*
Issa and Duffy, " We are in the park on the way to the Little Woods. It's very cold. Brrrrrrr. We need our wool monkey sweaters today."

Issa and Duffy, " Our monkey sweaters keep the damp cold out of our bones! "

Duffy, " Let's get moving so the chill doesn't find us! "

Issa , " When we arrive at the Little Woods we see this on some of the ground."

Issa , " It's a fine coat of brittle ice over soft moss. "

Issa , " It looks really delicate and pretty but we can't run on it until it shatters like brittle porcelain like we would like to! "

 Issa, " LP wants to give other beings a chance to see how lovely it is so we stay on the paths."

Issa , " Here , the ice is stronger and covers an area as large as a pond. We could skate on it but we didn't bring our skates! "

Issa, " The Little Woods are prettyful but we need to head home . I can feel the chill now , down to my very bones. It will be good to get home under warm covers ."

Have a wonderful Thursday.
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. You both look very cute in your sweaters, but it's probably a good idea not to stay out too long.


  2. It's fun out exploring in the cold, but it's even MORE fun to go home and get warm again afterward!

  3. Oh it is so much fun to see the doggies. They are so darn cute and glad you got out for a nice walk. Hope you have a good rest of the day.

  4. What smart sweaters you both have - the very height of fashion.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. I have to say that I am very happy that I can stay warm inside these days!
    Stay warm you two too!

  6. Those dogs will wear ANYTHING! hehe!

    ...LOVED your henchcat comment today! Might have to steal that! : )

  7. OMC! We love those monkey sweaters! But of course, only on you. We'd never wanna wear them ourselves!

  8. Love the sweaters!!
    Mes would wears one of those!

  9. oh you weren't kidding - they really ARE monkey suits! Mommy's laffing hysterically at that! We think we'd stay inside all the same, though - it's purty but looks C-O-L-D!


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