January 7, 2013


Malou , " Blogger will not permit us to download new photos on our posts! It is making Esme feel : churlish, irascible , petulant , surly ,  cranky , crotchety , and just plan old crabby! She told me to use all those big words on account it was her turn on the blog!  "

Malou , "  Please wake me up when Blogger is behaving!"

P.S. Is anyone else having this problem? If so, let's hope it is resolved soon on account we  (well actually Esme mostly is . . . )   feeling cantankerous and grumpy because of it! Gah.Blogger! "

Have a Marvelous Monday!
See you soon (hopefully!)
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. Just visited Kjelle Bus, He just talk about this problem. The things can solved this problem, You have to tell your mom to reduce the size of the photo before you upload photo to your blog.

    Details of how to, See Jan Funny Farm's post : http://jansfunnyfarm.blogspot.se/2013/01/funny-farm-woofies-and-picasa.html

    Good Luck

  2. It sounds like quite a few people are having problems uploading photos at the moment although we've been OK so far. Have you tried using a different browser?

  3. I don't blame you for feeling churlish!

  4. Puddy is so right. Jan over at Funny Farmers did write a post all about this problem. I have a program called IrfanView which if you Google, you can download it for nothing. You can resize your pictures there. Hope you can figure it ut.

  5. I know we have read that others ARE having the same problem.

  6. We don't blame you for being upset about your photos - your photos will need resizing - Jan at the Funny Farm told Mum what to do when we had filled our free quota. She has resized lots of pictures and we are back to normal - it's easy to do although very mind numbing but she tries to do it each week!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx
    ps We love how Malou looks as though he has thick light coloured eyebrows!

  7. I've had problems too, you may have to enter your Picasa album and resize the photos you already posted that on more space.

  8. I don't know what problem you have with blogger, but mine is not the resizing one. I can't load anything because the upload picture button is totally missing! I resize all my pictures before I try uploading them anyway, but I still need the stupid button! Argh, blogger! I sent a feedback thingie, but I doubt it will do any good.
    I tried a different browser, still no go.
    I finally resorted to uploading at photobucket and using the 'use picture from an URL' button. Pain in the rump!
    Lets all hiss and blogger until they fix the problem!

  9. Blogger should just let Aliens run it. We would do a better job!

    Thank you so much for the kind comments on our blog!

    Following you now!


  10. We are having the same problem. We use IE but if we use Chrome, it works.

  11. We hear others are having problems too. We sure hope whatever is broke, gets fixed!

  12. We haven't had any problems, but I know others have. Not sure why blogger has to make everything so complicated!

    Your pal, Pip

  13. Boy! Wes went to Wordpress the last time that Blogger was nots working. Me is glad we has nots gone back!

  14. Your blog look is ok to me.
    I hope the blogger function will be back to normal soon.

  15. the Celestial Kitties have got it right...we are having the same issues.
    Poppy Q sent us this workaround that really works for us! Upload photo in the HTML mode and then click on the COMPOSE mode after and it will change it and post it properly. This is how we are muddling along for now...oh and we have a tiny surpise to share with you later this week....
    sending love from the cozy cottage

  16. We just came from Ginger Jasper's and he is having the same problem. Stupid Blogger.

  17. Esme we especially like churlish and irascible.
    Not that it would describe any of us *glares at Allie* Oh noooo. Not at all. *runs*

  18. Have you tryed use Google Chrome ??


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