January 31, 2013

Treat Treaty.

Esme , " The thing is , I was simply sitting here growing my furs when you know who shows up with the clickety, click, click, click, click, CLICK box."

Esme , " Click.Click.Click. Click. Does anyone have any ear plugs?! I think I am going deaf ! "

Esme , " What ???? So you are saying you don't have any treats for me?! "

Esme . " No dainty delicacies for my sheer delight you say. . . Not a single , savory thrill of a tidbit of a treat for me?! Hmmm.I guess I need to present my informal Treat Treaty. It's simple actually. No treats , no more pics."

 Esme , " That's correct. My backside is facing you. You'll need to find some treats immediately if you expect my full co-operation from this point on. And even then , I really can't guarantee you anything. Everything will depend on the treat and the degree of my satisfaction. And right now, I am feeling very unsatisfied."

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the critters in the cottage xo

January 30, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Hanging With Levon.

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the critters in the cottage xo

January 29, 2013

Two Days in a Row.

Mitalee , " I KNOW!! Two days in a row on the bloggie! Don't tell the others. It's difficult enough to be their Queen without them holding something over me! Anyhoo. . . the thing is , I forgot to show you my favourite box yesterday."

Mitalee , " We always seem to have plenty of boxes strewn all over the house. LP claims they breed while we are sleeping but everyone knows boxes don't have those urges.I can't even say that without closing my eyes in mortification."

Mitalee , "Anyhoo. . . here you can see how small this box is! I have to take a deep breath and squeeze myself into it but I have my best naps here.If you need a box , just let me know. Since ours multiply , we have plenty enough to go around."

Have a Terrific Tuesday!
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the critters in the cottage xo

January 28, 2013

Daddyman's Helper.

Mitalee , " Here I am again! Bright eyed and bushy tailed! Ready to help my Daddyman with the morning paper."

Mitalee , " I have to really spread out to enusure all is nicely flattened . . . "

Mitalee , " And of course to cover as much of the newsprint as is possible! "

Mitalee , " It is the art of exactitude that I offer and that I am after. I need to leave a mere sleeveful of readable articles for Daddyman's enjoyment."

Mitalee , " There's another reason behind the method to my seeming madness. This way, with my curly and ample self stretched out , Daddyman doesn't have to read too much at once.  He can take in one sleeve width of disasters and human error at a time.Some times the newspaper has alot of  negative stories and doesn't have enough positive things to say about the human experience. That's why I believe a newspaper should be read in installments. Daddyman calls me his , " Little Helper" so I know I am appreciated. It's what keeps my daily efforts going."

Have a Marvelous Monday!
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the critters in the cottage xo

January 25, 2013

Malou Flower Kitten .

Malou , " I spy with my little eye something that I love! "

Malou , " Flowers with petals that resemble wide open spaces and I can whap them until the pollen falls like snow."

Malou , " There's another one. Up nice and high so I will need to jump up for a closer inspection!"

Malou , " Oh but the flowers on the table are the best of them all!!

Malou, " Once I have completed smelling  and admiring WHAPPING the flowers, it will  be time for LP to buy new ones. What would she do without my help?!! "

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the critters in the cottage xo

January 24, 2013

Monkey Suits in the Little Woods

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Issa and Duffy, " We are in the park on the way to the Little Woods. It's very cold. Brrrrrrr. We need our wool monkey sweaters today."

Issa and Duffy, " Our monkey sweaters keep the damp cold out of our bones! "

Duffy, " Let's get moving so the chill doesn't find us! "

Issa , " When we arrive at the Little Woods we see this on some of the ground."

Issa , " It's a fine coat of brittle ice over soft moss. "

Issa , " It looks really delicate and pretty but we can't run on it until it shatters like brittle porcelain like we would like to! "

 Issa, " LP wants to give other beings a chance to see how lovely it is so we stay on the paths."

Issa , " Here , the ice is stronger and covers an area as large as a pond. We could skate on it but we didn't bring our skates! "

Issa, " The Little Woods are prettyful but we need to head home . I can feel the chill now , down to my very bones. It will be good to get home under warm covers ."

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the critters in the cottage xo

January 23, 2013

Wordeless Wednesday : Malou Pointer

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the critters in the cottage xo

January 22, 2013

Charming Mitalee.

Mitalee , " Shhhh. I'm staking out the living room while looking all innocent and nonchalant so that LP doesn't know what I am really up to ."

Mitalee , " I'm looking down as if distracted by something no one can see but me but I am really looking for something everyone can see!"

 Mitalee , " I'm looking sideways as if searching for the perfect ray of sun but I'm really keeping an eye on LP! "

Mitalee , " I'm looking up and all around pretending I'm on my very own private snoopervising schedule that doesn't include LP. But actually , I have my eye on LP's every little move. I am DESPERATE to find LP's hiding place for my Cat Charmer wand toy.  The Island Cats.  gave it to me as one of my Christmas presents. But I can't find the hiding place and I know LP hides it from me because she claims I can't be trusted alone with it. Does she think I'm going to ingest it and then cough it up with a hairball ?! How rude! Now, where or where would she put that darn thing?!! "

Mitalee , " Maybe if I look uber sweet (and vaguely pathetic) , I can charm LP into handing over my Cat Charmer wand toy.Pleeeeasssse!! I can only hope! ( and keep an eye on LP at all times until she slips up one day and I discover the hiding place. Heeheeheeheehee).

Have a Terrific Tuesday.
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the critters in the cottage xo

January 21, 2013

Esme Whisker Girl

Esme , " Stop it! Stop calling me your, Ticky Wicky Whisker Girl!  I KNOW my vibrissae hairs are thick and obvious and that you think my whiskers are woogiful ! "

Esme , " You should know my whiskers are also mood indicators! If they are pulled back they indicate I am angry or defensive. If they are pushed forward it means I am happy and relaxed. You don't want me to pull them back do you?!!"

Esme , " Gah! Stop calling me your Ticky Wicky Whisker Girl and stop all that click, click, clicking!! Please . . . could I have a moment to myself in my special , wee , box?! Alone!! "

Esme , " OMC! Do you see what I have to put up with?!! She's still calling me her Ticky Wicky Whisker Girl!! "

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the critters in the cottage xo

January 18, 2013

Levon Talking to Sun.

 Levon , " Hello , dear Sun, sweet friend. It's been a while . . . "

Levon , " But your timing is perfect! I was just thinking of taking a little bath and efurryone knows there's nothing like a Sunbath. Stretch those delighted toesies waaaay up to the Sun! "

Levon , " Lay that heat on me baby! Sun, you're something else! "

Levon , " So where've ya been hiding these days , Sun ? "

Levon , " You don't say.  . .  California ? No, I've never been . . . but there is no harm in dreaming . . . "

Levon , " Promise you'll come back again tomorrow , Sun ? "

Levon , " You always  make me feel so warm , carefree and happy. "

Levon , " And a little sleepy too. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz."

Have a Fabulous Friday and weekend!
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the critters in the cottage xo