December 3, 2012

Update on Leo and Tulip .

Leo , " I thought I should let you know how my vet appointment went on Friday . LP gave me a sedative before I went on account she said it would be easier for me to be examined by the vet. I let her give it to me without any fuss. I don't like vets in case you haven't heard."

Leo, " The sedative made me groggy but I have to say, I still managed to let out a few roars. I showed them ! even though my body was all jello-y."

Leo, " The good news is that the lumps on my back that LP was worried about were just skin tags and I also have a blood blister. These things can some times become part of your body when you are an older , gentrified , gentle cat such as myself. They are perfectly harmless and best left alone at my advanced years."

Leo, " I'm glad that little vet visit is  over and done with now. Hopefully I won't have to go back for a very, very long time! Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to get back to my squirrel watching. Those vermin sure seem busy these days collecting all those nuts. . . "

Tulip , " Hi furiends! It's me. Tulip Bunny Blossom Sweet Heart. I went to the vet's too. Of course for me , going to the vet's is like visiting an old friend. It's always such a pleasure! Frankly, I find all kinds of people wonderful! The vet is a bit concerned about my steady weight loss though."

Tulip , " The vet did a blood panel for me to check all sorts of things and he will phone next week to let us know what is happening. LP says I am an old girl who has had a rough life before I found my way to her and then she looks sad. But I let her know I am happy now and that life doesn't last forever for anyone and that we should enjoy each other every moment that we have."

 Tulip , " I think I'll have a little snooze now if you don't mind. I'll let you know my test results when they come in. Thanks for listening."

Have a Marvelous Monday.
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo

P.S. If anyone has any ideas as to how I may be able to help Tulip gain weight withouth upsetting her tummy ,  please let me know. She has a pre-existing hyper-thyroid condition and does take pills for that.Thank you!


  1. We're glad that things are looking good for you, Leo.

    Little Tulip, you are a star, and it is clear why you are now so well-loved.

    Food... It depends on the cats. Some enjoy home-cooking, particularly chicken. A couple of mine really like raw meat, beef or veal, cut up or minced. There is a drug called Periactin (Cyproheptadine) that works well as an appetite stimulant, and that we can get easily in France. It is. however, not great for kitties with renal problems. You can see some info on it here:

  2. We're glad that you're fine, Leo, and we certainly hope you won't have to return to the vet for a LONG time.

    Tulip, we'll have our paws crossed for good test results.

    Is it the methimazole that upsets your stomach? Annie's meds were via transdermal gel and our mom thinks she remembers reading the meds in pill form can cause upset tummies in some kitties.

  3. P.S. Ann did a gorgeous header for you!

  4. Oh Tulip, you and I have EXACTLY the same attitude in life! What's the point in moping about the life we used to lead when we could be enjoying RIGHT NOW instead?

  5. We're glad Leo is okay. Hope Tulip's blood work is good.

  6. We are so pleased to hear you are tip top Leo - now you are home you can keep watch out the window again in case you get any evil intruders! Tulip you are a lovely lady and we can't believe you are friends with the vet - we both give the vet a tussle and usually it takes a couple to hold Lucy to keep her still!! Take care sweet lady - we love you.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Glad to hear the concerns about Leo were cosmetic only :)

    Perhaps Tulip just needs her thyroid medicine adjusted. We are sending purrs!

    Pee Ess: The human sez she'd gladly send some pounds to Tulip, but it doesn't work that way...

  8. Yay for Leo's good report!
    We hope Tulip's results are good too!
    As for getting weight on her? Snackies? Lots of snackies. My Star would eat gooseliver/braunschwiger all day if I let her, but it would make her a pudgey girl because it is kind of a fatty food. But if they need weight, whatever they will eat, ya know... Baby food is a big hit with some kitties, especially chicken baby food.


  9. . Leo is a boy you hard, but I'm glad you're okay. Tulipa'll be purring for you

  10. Leo, we giggled thinking about your jello-roars! We are glad you are doing fine. Tulip, our Kona is getting old and frail too, Mommy has tried giving her Nutrical but she just wants junky she gets a private bowl all to herself.

  11. gerber baby food - chicken.

    Ms. Stella says cool whip also but I don't think you can really consider that a food group.

    That Woman
    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  12. Tulip precious little girl, you made mommy's eyes leak with your sweet little self and your dear attitude. I hope you are going to be alright. I can'tt tell you how much it matters to me. And Leo...I am SO relieved, darling. xoxox

  13. Crossing our paws for Tulip that all goes well with the blood results...

    Leo, we loves our squirl TV channel!

  14. Leo, it sounds like you gave them a piece of your mind! I'm glad everything went well.

    Tulip, I'm sorry you are losing weight. My old cat-pal Elvis Pussley (RIP) had to take thyroid medicine, too. Every kitty seems to like different food. I know that vets sometimes have a special diet for kitties that need to gain weight, but I'm not sure how good it tastes. Maybe it could be mixed with something that you really like?

  15. Leo, I'm glad you did okay at the vet. I don't like the vet either. I fight with toof and nail when I go there. If they really have to examine me, they have to knock me out. Tulip, we hope you'll be okay.


  16. Me is both happy and sad about your vet visit. Tulip, my companion - Licorice (who is now gone) lost lots of weight after he was diagnosed and had to medications for his thyroid. Mommy gave him his pills with Cheez Whiz, funny thing, he started to be more interested in eating his foods after that.

  17. Glad Leo is OK! In terms of gaining weight, our cat Daisy was a hypo-thyroid cat, too. We tried very hard, but she never gained much weight. What about pouring tuna juice over her food - or offering a little tuna if her tummy can take it.

    Your pal, Pip

  18. Dear Leo and Tulip, we are glad that your visit went well and that everything is ok with Leo. We have our paws crossed for good results on Tulip's blood work. You two are so sweet, sending you both good thoughts and vibes...


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