December 4, 2012

Malou's Counter Perspective.

Malou , " Oh My Cod! The flashy box is trying to get my photo from the ground level now and I know eggzactically why! "

Malou , " I'm on to that flashy box ! I'm starting to turn my head and close my eyes in anticipation of the flash of the flashy box. That leaves LP with alot of blurry pics of me. She is attempting to use the element of surprise to catch me on film as it were. And she attempts to use my name in order to grab my attention while she is flailing about on the floor. "

Malou , " I say ATTEMPTS to use my name because she goes down a list of names as if she is checking each of them off before she eventually and finally gets to mine and pauses. "

Malou , "  You know , like this. . .  Esme , um Mitalee, ugh. Duffy , I mean Issa , err Tulip, sheesh, argh. I mean Leo, look at me! look at me! Over here Esme!  . . . when I am clearly not any of those characters. I'm MALOU!! Some time she can't even get up off the floor. . .It is MORTIFYING!!  "

Malou , "I'm seriously looking into replacing her for a younger model . . . "

Have a Terrific Tuesday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo
P.S. Thanks for all the suggestions for Tulip yesterday.XO


  1. Those humans are quite kooky arent they? Eh! Cant live with them, cant live without em!

    Pibble sugars,
    Brinks and bella

  2. Malou - we must advise you not to exchange your Mom for a younger model because they may not give the best cuddles and kisses like the older model.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Sometimes my momma calls me "CinderScribbsPidgeCASEY!" Sheesh. Humans.

  4. Hi Malou !
    Furry nice counter pictures on you <3

    Me and my mom-person have been furry busy for a couple of day´s , so that´s why we haven´t been around visiting until know

  5. Malou, you are very clever :-) Those flashyboxes can be very sneaky. We love your Christmas header - it is just beautiful.

  6. LP still did a nice job of photographing you. Especially the last photo.

  7. Thank goodness for digital cameras right...those blurry pictures don't matter at all :-)

  8. Malou you're playing the difficult, but it does not help make things harder, we humans are persistent.

  9. Malou, not only are you very cute but you are funny too! (What a beautiful Christmas header you have!)

  10. Good job making her work for it, Malou!!


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