October 11, 2012

Gone Fishing !

Levon ,  " I'm going to do a reenactment for efurryone. You see , I was minding my own business just like this and pretending to sleep , when I overheard a conversation between LP and Daddyman. Something about too much to do here and how difficult it is to take it easy. LP has decided to visit her sister where she can really do NOTHING and heal. She said she was going to hang a , Gone Fishing , sign on the blog too."

Levon , " That's when I opened my eyes. She wasn't going to go fishing without us was she ?!! "
 Levon , " How rude! I mustn't have heard that correctly . . . "

Levon , " Wait a minute!  LP wouldn't really leave us all alone to fend for ourselves without her , would she ? ! There's no telling what  might happen to us (whispers.or the house . . .) if she does ! Gulp. "


 Have a great day!
See you in a week and a half.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. We hope your mommy gets some good rest and recovery time!
    And if there's a house trashing party while she's gone.... well, count on us!

  2. We think that is a great idea for Mom to go get all healed up. I bet someone will take very good care of all of you. Let us know if you need us, we will come right over. See you when she gets back.

  3. Your momma would be really dumb to go fishing without you guys. You could help her catch lots and LOTS of fish!

  4. hope everyone gets lots of rest....

  5. Now, I love that house trashing idea...whatyya say? xox

  6. This sounds like yer daddy is home wif you so no pawty. We know he will take good care of the kitties :) We hope yer mom haf a great visit!

  7. Well, if your mom is going fishing, we hope she brings you some fish! (and gets some rest, too!) :)

  8. Calm Levon your mama needs to recover, we will be waiting for you. Great catches hehe

  9. O hai, u got an awardie, from my blog! U can see it there. Thx! :)


  10. We got one word to say to you...

  11. We are purring for your mom, Levon. Hope she feels better soon. Purrs.

    Laura & Taffy


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