September 4, 2012

Pacific National Exhibition.

LP , " For those of you visiting since last summer you may remember a post I did called , Upside down Tigers, where I highlighted rides from a visit to the PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) a huge fair here in Vancouver that has been in place every summer for a hundred and two years! There are many things to see at this exhibition, not just rides. Today I am going to share a small part of the agricultural component for your viewing pleasure :)  "

LP, " There are many animals in the agricultural part of the fair. Like these chickens for example, that I found so lovely with their unusual markings."

LP, " Pretty hen can you lay some pretty eggs for me ?"

LP, " These eggs are award winning. There were jams and other condiments that were also in competition for the "best of " award."


LP , " Which came first? The chicken or the egg ?  "

LP, " I loved this caramel and honey coloured Jersey calf. So velvety sweet! "

LP, " Bunnies are my favourite and this one is special. She looks like a little dalmation bunny :) "

LP , " This rabbit was very large! He is a Belgian rabbit and meant to be this size. "

LP , " Look at his gynormous size compared to a standard rabbit! "

LP , " I also love Clydesdale horses. Here are eight eating their dinner after a performance."

LP , " Beautiful! "

LP , " There was also a Star Trek Exhibit at the fair that Daddyman had to go to. I went along although I have never seen an episode of Star Trek nor have I ever seen any of the movies. I know, that probably make me somewhat of an oddity but there you have it! "

LP, " After waiting in line for an hour to get into this exhibit, we saw memorabilia from both the t.v. and movie sets."

LP, " Like this costume, one amongst many Star Trek outfits.We also saw the heads of various species that lived in that future world.And their thrones, weapons and other such treasured objects."

LP, " I learned quite a bit about Star Trek although I can't say I am a bona fide Trekkie as of yet...I can quite comfortably say , " Live long and prosper! "

I hope you enjoyed a small glimpse into this varied fair that attracts thousands to its' grounds daily over the two and a half weeks it opens its' doors to the public. I always have a wonderful time at the PNE!

Have a Terrific Tuesday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. Cottage Feline,
    We used to go to the Easter Show in Sydney and came back....famished! The sight of all those delectable chicken, rabbit, calf, cow.....they are FOOD! har har har *evil laughs*

  2. That looks a great show with plenty to see. Star Trek was one of Mum's favourite a squillion years ago.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Interesting !
    I think I like the rabbit , the black and white one !
    Thanks for sharing and thanks for come to my birthday guys ; )


  4. Oooh, that's a BIG bunny! I bet he'd be lots of fun to chase!

  5. Oh wow! Adorable critters AND Star Trek! It must... it must be heaven!
    Wait.. were there kitties? Can't really be heaven without kitties! :D

  6. Me and mom LOVED the Chick-hens and the calf was very cute too :)

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  8. I deleted my comment made in error. Sorry for the confusion on my part.

    My vet said that a blood test can be administered to the cat to determine what group of things the cat can be allergic to.


  9. Ahem.... and WHERE are the Percherons??????

    Vidock and Violette

  10. Oh goodness, a fair is so much fun. Loved the pictures of the animals, especially the rabbits. I have never had rabbits because I don't want to have to keep them in cages. Take care.

  11. Wow, what an inneresting fair! So many cool things to see. We liked the chick-hen the bestest.

  12. One of Glogirly's favorite parts of the Minnesota State Fair are the chickens! There's a HUGE exhibit (competition I guess) of exotic chickens. She says they are absolutely beautiful.

    I just wonder if they still taste like chicken.

    ; ) Katie

  13. Mommish just loves horses! Thank u for sharing your beautiful pictures!
    Pibble sugars

  14. Mowzers, those photos look nommy --- err, we mean INTERESTING. YEah....

  15. I LOVE chickens! The live ones. The dead ones? Not so much. My mom has one of those gorgeous black & white ones, I was enamoured of it when we were there last. I lamented I didn't get a photo but you've just reminded me! I feel a new Black & White piece coming on!

    That Woman


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