September 19, 2012

Meow Like a Pirate 2012

Levon , " It's Meow Like a Pirate Day !! Malou and I weren't here last year when the others played! It's our first time aboard! Avast me buckos! "
Levon,  " LP be buyin me a pirate outfit. I be  sharin with Mitalee. It says , Shakin' Yer Booty. "
Levon , " Here I be with me Booty!"
Levon , " Take that yee scallywag! I be shakin yee booty but good!! By the powers ,  I be your Pirate Boss!! Yee little bilge-sucking squiffy yee!! Yee will bow to me or walk the plank!! "
Esme , " Throw in a few Arrrrrrrrrr's in there Levon! Makes it more authentic. . . "
Esme , "Actually , I'm more of a landlubber than a gentle cat of fortune. Yee know, what be known as a buccaneer . Arrrggh. Ahoy Matey!! Hope that was convincing! I be holding the ole treasure map like the true pirate I be! Thar. Me thinks that was better!! "
The Ole Treasure Map.
Issa , " Duffy and I get to be Honorary pirate cats on Meow Like a Pirate Day. I know, I be lookin like the ballerina . . . "
Issa , ". . . but I be wearing the ole skull and bones like a veritable and true pirate cat! "
Issa , " Me tongue be me sword! Yee'll not get away from me yee blaggards! "
Malou , " I designed me own grand and great pirate wardrobe! "
Malou , " Me having a slight wardrobe malfunction now . . . oopsies. . . where be me skirt. . .  it be falling to the poop deck. . .   . . . "
Malou , " but don't yee be afeared , I be hoistin me skirt up and masterin me pirate swat and takin a few landlubbers down in no time at all ,  like thee ole pro pirate cat I be ! "
Leo , " For those of yee who come last year  , yee surely remember me as the infamous . . ."
Leo , "Pirate Baboushka! Argggh. Mateys! But they done me a good turn this year. They give me , me very own Pirate Baboushka Bro so as to make the humiliation a little less grog worthy! I still be needing a good swig of me grog right now to steady me nerves! "
Duffy , " Yoohoo Mateys!! Ship ahoy! Arrrrrrrr me hearties!! Guess who?!! Who do you think me be?!"
Duffy , "It be ME! Pirate Baboushka Duffy. First matey reporting to duty."
Duffy , " Me hopes this makes me look like a convincing Pirate Baboushka Bro !!  Does me head look too big ?!! Too small ?!! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgrrrrrr."
Tulip , " Be this the great, grand jollyboat than ? The one that be sailing to the Island of the Wild Flying Monkeys ? It sure looks to be! All aboard me fellow wenches! "
Mitalee , " Shakin yee pirate booty tail yee pirate cats! Shakin yee booty tail now !! "
Mitalee , " Vogue like a pirate cat ! "
Mitalee ,  " Me thinks we be manglin the pirate lingo and costumes and stuff . . . but we be posing like true pirates!  We be capable of true great bravery and fierceness!   We be sure to puttin the fear of the pirate cat in yee true  .  . . if we be put to the test ! "
Mitalee , " Alright all yee Cool Pirate Cats. Meow like a Pirate! That's right! That's how she be done!! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrg. "
Mitalee , " And here comes our great, grand ship. Just in time to take us on a great , grand pirate adventure."
Mitalee , " Happy Meow Like a Pirate Day Efurryone! "
Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. Vogue like a pirate cat???? Yo ho ho!!! ROTFLOL!!!! you all are having so much fun there. har har har *evil laughs*

  2. You made us laugh with your brave pirate talk and we can see you are having great fun. Mitalee that last picture has made our Mum have a big smile on her face.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. What a ship of pirates!
    Did you find the treasure? Were there tuna in it?

  4. Avast, mateys! Cap'n Momma and I love Bark Like a Pirate Day!

  5. We like bein' band 'o pirates fer a day 'n bein' bad! Grog-filled Meow Like a Scurvy Pirate Day!

    Truffle and Brulee

  6. This has to be the cutest bunch of pirates I've seen in a long time :)

  7. thee be th'most sartorially splendid crew we haf efur seen! we be proud t'know ye!

  8. You all, that is the most fun I've had all day! Xxoo

  9. Mitalee, you are too cute in your costume. So are you Levon and Malou, we love your malfunction. That always happens to us. Glad you got it all straight. Go jump on that ship and go find the treasure. Happy Pirate day .

  10. Ye be making some fine (and FUN) pirates, indeed! Shall we set sail together in search of bounties great (and yummy)?

  11. MOWZERS! Our mommy completely let us down today on this one, so we've come over here to say ARRRRR' MATEY!

    Malou your wardrobe malfunction cracked us up!

  12. We're glad you're taking such good care of LP.

    And you all make cute pirates. Or shouldn't we call pirates cute?

  13. Squeeeeeee!!! Your pirate costumes are the best :-)

  14. I love pirate day! I forgot to dress up my children at home. Thanks Sophie!


  15. Look at that smug expression on Mitalee's face!!! We love it!


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