August 31, 2012

Pawparazzi .

Mitalee , " Oh My Cod!! I barely have one eye open and there's the pawparazzi lens hunting me down! My furs are an utter mess and I need a cup of nip. Don't judge me!! That's right , I need a strong cup of nip and my breakfast before I  feel feline in the morning.  "

Mitalee , " Or. . . I could just go back to sleep. . . "

Mitalee , " Click. Click. That's kinda difficult to do though with Pawparazzi around !"

Mitalee , " Dang! One eyelid down again and one barely open. I'm having trouble staring pawparazzi in the eye ! "

Mitalee , " Was that the sound of the  lid of feline gooey goodness being cracked open ?!! It was , wasn't it?! You know. . .  I just might be able to stay awake for my photo shoot if pawparazzi brings me breakfast in bed.Or better yet, if pawparazzi CARRIES me to my breakfast dish. After all , it's been a very long week! "

Have a Fabulous Friday and weekend all!
See you Monday.
the critters in the cottage xo

P.S. Thanks for the kind and helpful words re: Esme. I have never had a pet with allergies or one who reacted to food or laundry detergent, new fabric etc. I truly thought Esme was VERY sick. I am so relieved it is something that can be resolved. Thanks for all your insights. I'll put on my detective hat and try to figure it out :)


  1. Ah yes, an opened can makes up for a lot of feline indignities.. But seriously, how do you not expect the pawparazzi when you're so cute??

  2. I know just how you feel when they get sick. It is so scary. I had an outside kitty that was licking herself raw. I was a wreck over that one. Hope Esme gets better really quickly. I am sure the medicine will help her
    Mitalee, we sure hope you got a ride to the kitchen for all that picture taking. Have a great week end everyone.

  3. Allergies are such a trial for the kitties and for us as we sometimes feel helpless.

  4. Mitalee unfortunately blog fame has it's down side - mainly being the flashy box.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. It's scary when one of us get sick and our momma can't figure out what's wrong. But allergies aren't that bad. My sissy Cinderella has allergies, and she does just fine!

    Poor Mitalee, I totally feel you on the pawparazzi. There's nothing more annoying that trying to get a comfy snooze and have that flashy beast going off in your face!

  6. Mitalee you will just have to deal with the adoration of the fans - LOL!!!

  7. The human had a furbaby that became allergic ta fabric softener. (We don't know what dat is. Anywhooo, she had to use da non-scented white kind.)

    We hope da rest of yer nap was better, Mitalee :)

  8. Darn that pawparazzi! Mitalee, even when you are being bothered by them, you manage to look beautiful. No wonder they bother you.

    Glad you have some tings to work with, re: Esme's allergies.

    Purrs and hugs!

  9. Wet fuuds kinda clears the brain, doesn't it?

  10. I just roll over and sleep when I'm not in the mood.
    (hmmmmm, where did I get THAT from?)
    ; ) Katie

  11. Mitalee, if you weren't so gorgeous, the pawparazzi wouldn't bother you!!

  12. Mitalee, I like how your fur goes every-which-way! Glad to hear Esme is doing better now.

  13. Mitalee, this pawparazzi owe it to you now to carry you to your breakfast! I hope the paparazzi did!
    Many purrs to y'all for a great weekend!

  14. Mom says Catarazzis... heheh!
    Have a great week!


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