August 27, 2012


Tulip, " Hey everyone ! I'm supposed to thank each one of you for leaving such nice words of support and sweetness for Malou and Levon's trip to the vet's for their booster shots on Friday.Thank you! All your good thoughts were very much appreciated. Except you need to know that Noodlehead kinda got it all wrong. Noodlehead thought she was supposed to bring the kittenbabies in for their booster shots when they turned one (which was recently if you all remember the birthday celebration), BUT she is actually supposed to bring them to the vet's a year from their second round of shots! This means the kittenbabies won't need their booster shots for another two to three months yet.The trip to the vet's and all that singing and dancing on Malou and Levon's part was for naught! The kittenbabies will have to do it all over again in a few months except this time they will definitely get jabbed. They won't like that!  "

Tulip  , " But LP got today right. Today, I am going to the vet's with Leo. I'm going because  although I am still very photogenic and glamorous, I am actually getting really skinny. LP calls me , "Skinny Minny" and she thinks my thyroid needs to be checked again to make sure I am taking the correct dose of thyroid medication."

Tulip , " And LP says my eyes look sore and need to be checked again. My eyes get inflamed and run on and off all the time so I'm always going back and forth to the vet's. LP has taken me to various vets and no one seems to be able to  figure out what exactly is wrong with my eyes ."

Tulip , " I'm going to rest up for a bit before I go to the vet's. But do you know what ?! I love going to the vet's! It's an adventure for me. But I know it won't be fun today because Big Fangs is coming with me this time and Big Fangs doesn't like the vet at all. Right Big Fangs ?! "

Leo, " Once I opened my jaws real wide and roared at the vet and he and Daddyman both quickly backed up into the far corner of the examining room. LP laughed at them. She said she couldn't help herself. But now the vet calls me , Big Fangs . Not so funny for me !! "

Leo , " I have a lump on my back that needs to be looked at. If LP is holding me , I will permit the vet to examine me without showing him my fangs."

Leo, " Although I honestly don't know how he could be afraid of little ole me. . . "

LP, " Thanks again for your kind words of support for Malou and Levon. I'll let you know when round two occurs and I promise to get it right then :) Please keep the foster cats Tulip and Leo in your thoughts today. Leo especially has me worried.

Have a Marvelous Monday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. Noodlehead? Big Fangs? My hapless unreliable purrson with the opposable thumb is laughing till tears come out of her eyes. Hmmm....har har har *evil laughs*

  2. Hope Big Fangs, er, Leo and you do well at the vet today! At least Malou and Levon got good practice for their upcoming visit!

  3. We're sending our loudest purrs to both Tulip and Leo, crossing our paws for all to be well.

  4. OMC, so now we know: there's one noodlehead on the southeast coast and one noodlehead on the northwest coast!
    Tulip, you're adorable (as always) and we hope you don't get too, too skinny.
    Leo, as you are proudly named for the king of the jungle it is most appropriate to roar and show your fangs.
    Hugs to all,
    The Zoolatry Girls

  5. I am sending you lots of love and good vibes, Tulip and Leo! Please keep us posted. I am sure everything will be just fine!

    Your pal, Pip

  6. We are sending lots of purrs and crossing all our paws that Tulip and Leo will both have productive visits with the vet. Please keep us posted!

    The Chans

  7. We hope you are worrying unnecessarily LP but if you're like our Mum you won't stop until afterwards.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. I'm perfect at the vet. She gives me nummy treats and talks about how perfect I am, so I love her! But my kitty siblings don't like going at ALL. They sing the whole time too. Oh my.

  9. Oh well, I suppose the visit was a bit of practice for the kittens so as to help familiarise them with being at the vet's. Shame it was a wasted journey, but I'm sure they will be fine next time they go.

  10. We are purring lots for Tulip and Leo. Sissy has a runny eye, too. It will clear for a while then start again. It doesn't bother her and she's used to having it cleaned. The human is worried about Leo, too.

  11. We will keep Tulip and Leo in our thoughts and purrs!
    Many many purrs

  12. MOL, I had the same idea with my Leo, I thought he got adult shots at one year, but the vet said no, 18 months after the last kitten booster.
    Purring and praying your Leo and Tulip do well at the vet and that they figure out what's going on with Tulip! Allergies maybe?

  13. We think we will call our Mommy "Noodlehead". We like that!
    How awful is going to the vet when you DON'T have to go?!?! HORRORS!

    Tulip and Leo, we will be thinking of you (and the Fangs) and we hope that all is well.

  14. OMC !
    Poor Malou and Levon that whent to the vet and told that they where 2 months early :(
    Keep my paws crossed for Tulip and Leo !

  15. Tulip darling, maybe your mom can ask the Vet if he belongs to the VIN, a Veterinary Information Network where he could post what seems to be the matter with your eyes and then other Vets can tell what they may know. You shouldn't have to go on and on with inflamed eyes. Here are kisses, Tulip. XXXX

    Leo, sweetest one, is it a soft lump or a hard one and how long have you had it? Much love sweetest Leo. I will be purring for you both.


  16. We bet Malou and Levon are gonna make Noodlehead pay for her mistake!!

    Good luck at the v-e-t, Tulip...we hope you are okay. And we hope Big Fang isn't too much trouble there!

  17. Tulip and Leo, we sure hope everything went well at the vet today. Big Fangs ... we love it!

    Big hugs, purrs and prayers for you all.

  18. Big purrs that all went well at the grabby hands vet today for Tulip and Leo (ROAR)!

    If Tulip has a virus in her eyes, we have used lysine. It helped a lot. We purr the lump is nothing impawtent, too. Purrs.

    Laura & Taffy


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