August 28, 2012

Leo's Story.

Leo , " I thought I would tell you how the vet visit went yesterday since so many of you left lovely and encouraging comments.Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and for your friendship and support. I'll start with Tulip's diagnosis and then I will tell you my story. Tulip was given a blood test yesterday morning and later that day when her results came in , it was discovered that her thyroid medication needed to be augmented as LP had suspected. Tulip was also given some new medication for her kidneys which aren't doing so well now. The vet also gave her tetracycline for her inflamed eyes. Tulip has been ill since LP began to foster her and it has been a long road of many ills for her but she remains sweet and cheerful. Always. She will tell you her story one day but today I will tell you my story because after Tulip Bunny Blossom Sweet Heart's long day yesterday,  our Tulip needs to enjoy her favourite basket and rest today. "

Leo , "Some of you may have already heard my story. You may want to have a little cat nap as I retell it , if that is the case. For those who don't know my story , here is my story. I hope it will allow you to understand why I become Big Fangs at the vet's.

You see, I was found on someone's front porch one unusually cold and brutal winter about four years ago. I say brutal because we don't have lasting snow in Vancouver and that winter we did. For weeks on end.There was snow and cold. I had nowhere to go to get away from the elements. I was a cat without a home. Not a feral cat , just a cat without a home.I don't remember ever having a home actually. I've never had my own people until now. I was an outdoor cat who belonged to no one and who was fed by numerous kind souls who took pity on me but no one ever took me home. I'm a big guy and maybe they felt I would take up too much room in their little homes but I guess I'll never know the reason for sure. I lived like this for over ten years.Until I was found frozen to that retired couple's front porch when they came back from holiday. They took me for dead and brought me to the rescue place. Because they couldn't bury me.The ground was frozen for miles down and the shovel wouldn't dig deep enough. They thought the rescue group might know what to do with my body. But I was alive."

Leo , " I was frozen for quite some time and the cold atrophied my muscles. It took a long time for me to be able to walk again and to this day my hind legs can at times pull out from under me and cause me to falter. In fact , it was touch and go for me for a long and intensive time when I first arrived in rescue. No one thought I would make it. But I did. I know what you are thinking. I owe my life to vets. And it's true. And I know it. I do! It's nothing against vets. I just remember all the handling and jabbing and poking and tubes and I get nervous that that might happen all over again. It's irrational I know but I can't really control Big Fangs. He just comes out because of all the bad memories. I lived at the rescue getting better for two years before LP came and took me home. I was very depressd at the rescue and would sit on a chair and stare at the ground for hours at a time. LP chose me to foster because she said it looked like I needed some cheering up.She says I can live with her and my foster family forever if I want.She says she loves me like a mother bear would.She says her love for me is ferocious and neverending.She says that will never change. But because of all of my ongoing vet bills and Tulip's ongoing vet bills we also have the rescue as part of our family to help us out.

Now , I have to tell you about yesterday's vet visit and here's my confession. Big Fangs showed up in a big way yesterday. He filled the vet's entire examining room until there was almost no more room for the vet himself ! Big Fangs grew and grew until he could touch the ceiling and he wouldn't let the vet anywhere near him. When LP tried to show the vet the lump and the vet moved closer to study and examine it , Big Fangs roared his Big Fangs roar. He hissed his Big Fangs hiss, he roared and hissed so much the vet cowered in a corner shaking with fear and no doubt fearing for his very life!That vet had no choice but to let Big Fangs win.The vet would not even come close enough to touch me. And the vet said he could only examine me properly if I was sedated.  LP said, No.Not this time. She said she would keep an eye on the lump and if it changes she will bring me back to the vet's in the hope that Big Fangs is better behaved."

Leo , " I hope you have not lost respect for me for scaring the vet. I'll try to be more co-operative next time. I'll let you know how it goes. But for now, I need to catch up on some zzzzzzzz.Yesterday's strategic plan worked beautifully but I am all tuckered out. It's good and wonderful to be home again."

Have a Terrific Tuesday.
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. Oh Leo we didn't know your story and it made our eyes and whiskers all wet when we were reading it. No wonder you are frightened at the vet and we are sure he understands how you feel.
    Thank goodness your LP found you and saved you - at least you know how wonderful love is now.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. What a scary story, Leo. We're glad that you have a warm, loving home now like you deserve. It's understandable that you were all Big Fangs at the vet after everything you have been through. We don't like the vet either, but you have even more reason than most of us do. Thanks for sharing your story with us.

  3. Oh Leo, I did not know your story! No wonder you turneded into Big Fangs at the vet. I am so very happy you have a safe, loving foster home and will never be cold and lonely again.

  4. Leo's story makes me cry. Bless you for rescuing him and fostering him on a permanent basis. What a terrific thing that the rescue helps out with vet bills too--that's amazing, and probably rare, as I'm guessing not many have the funds to to do that. Well done to them too.

    BTW, I had a former co-worker who adopted a feral cat. She's had to sneak a pill into her to sedate her to get her to the vet. So that's an option to consider.

  5. Oh Leo, that's such a sad and skeery story! I can't imagine having to go through all that. I'm so glad the ground was frozen enough that the couple had to take you to the rescue instead! Don't worry, I totally understand being skeered after all that stuff going on. I didn't lose respect for you at all.

  6. Awww Leo, what a moving story. Thank you for sharing it. I am glad that you found a loving home.
    Now about the vet, I understand you completely. What I don't really understand is the vet.
    I had a vet like yours who got scared when I was roaring and the more scared she got, the more I roared and hissed. That was when I was in France.
    Our vets here have assistants who help them hold us if we are nervous. It's not always pleasant but the vet can examine us this way. Guess what? I'm not roaring or hissing here.
    It's completely understandable that you would react like that after what you've been through.
    Sending you and Tulip lots of love and purrs

  7. Leo, my mom and I are very tearful about your life and we are beyond joy that your mom found you.

    Leo darling, ask Mom to ask the Vet for a pill to sedate you before you go. Your lump needs looking at.

    All our love.

  8. Leo - your life before was scary, but we are so glad you are safe. we don't blame Big Fangs for making an appearance. and we are so glad the rescue and LP came into your life.

    purrs to you and Tulip!!

  9. We hope Tulip is feeling better today. We are so glad you have a furever home, Leo. We're sending healing purrs from our house.

  10. Sweet Leo, know that we all love you and understand why Big Fangs had to do what he had to do. You know, #1's first cat, Ikkyu, was never abandoned and never a stray but he terrified all vets and always had to be sedated before anyone came close to him wearing anything less than a baseball mitt...

    We are so glad that you and Tulip are in LP's loving care because we know that whatever happens now, you will always be cared for and loved.

    The Chans

  11. Dear Leo,
    I'm sitting here with tear in my eyes. I didn't know your story, sweetie. I didn't know at all. I am so very happy LP brought you to her forever home and loved you so fiercely. Your life started out very, very hard....and my heart breaks for you. But you are safe now and loved. VERY loved. And that makes my heart soar.


    Don't worry about Big Fangs. It's ok.

  12. Oh your poor poor darling Leo! What a life you had before! Frozen to a porch?! That makes my heart ache! I am so so so glad they couldnt bury you and took you somewhere where they figured out you were alive! I can imagine all that vet care would make you upset, poor baby!
    I do feel a little sorry for the vet, but I wish he'd been brave enough to look anyway.. We're sending purrs and prayers that the lump isnt anything to worry about!
    We're also purring for Tulip that her new meds make her feel better fast!
    Rest and recover, both of you!

  13. Oh upon my word! We had no idea you was a frozen kitty! How horribly painful that must have been for you big boy! Big Fangs was certainly needed to keep you alive. So glad you have your mom now and that she will protect you all the days of your lives. every. last. one.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  14. We didn't know your story either Leo. That sounds just horrible for a ginger kitty. We don't blame you for rising up against the vet. You poor thing. We are so glad that your foster Mom took you in and has promised to keep you forever. It is just so sad what happens to kitties. We sure hope the lump is just an abcess and nothing more. Also we are sending tons of purrs to Tulip for her kidney problem and her thyroid. We had a kitty here for five years that had all that. Sending our best purrs to both of you.

  15. Leo, we didn't know your story either. Oh wow, buddy! We are so happy you have a furever home now. If anycat deserves one, you do.

    And it's okay about Big Fang rearing his head at the v-e-t. You oughta see Zoey at the v-e-t! A little 10 pound cat like her puts the fear of God in the v-e-t.

    Wally & Ernie


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