August 30, 2012

Esme to the vet!

Esme , " You won't believe this but the day that LP took the foster cats to the vet's , Monday , I grew a rash while she was gone! "

Esme , " Before LP noticed the rash I made certain to vomit in front of her as soon as she came home. It was a polite vomit. Just enough to let her know all was not well. I made sure to polite vomit twice in front of her since she can be a little slow about things some times."

Esme , "That finally moved her into action and she made an appointment with the vet.The vet gave me prednisone and clavaseptin and I have to take those for a week now."

 Esme , " But before LP made the appointment at the vet's , I also made certain to let her know I was feeling itchy.That always gets her attention on account she is afraid of us getting (whispers) f-l-e-a-s. After I scratched my itchies a few times in front of her , she examined every little inch of me and saw all the welts and the rash on my tummy and under my arms. She also noticed the top of my head was red and my face also had welts.What an effort it took on my part for her to finally pay attention to me! But it payed off beautifully! She blanched noticeably and then started kissing me and saying , Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! and made the appointment."

Esme , " Can you see a little bit of my rash still around my chest area ? Anyhoo , as I mentioned , LP was beside herself since she didn't know what was going on and she immediately jumped to the possibility that I would die from a strange and rare rash disease.She tends toward the hysterical when it comes to me and my wellbeing. I , on the other hand , was the model patient when we arrived at the vet's. LP was all winded and almost weepy and frankly vaguely embarrassing.But I remained calm at all times. I even let the vet pick me up and place me on my back while he scrapped a skin sample from under my arm to rule out any skin yuckies.I didn't even flinch! I jumped up on his shoulder instead to show him how agile I am. I purred and explored the examinig room and let the assistants fawn and fuss over me while they gently held me and the vet gave me a shot to stop the itchies and swelling. Both the assistants wanted to take me home.Even with me covered in a yucky rash and welts!! Can you imagine ?!! "

Esme , " The vet believes  I am having an allergic reaction to food. So it looks as though I won't die of some rare and unheard of rash after all , which naturally made LP weep with joy! But since there hasn't been any change in my diet, we really don't know what food I would be reacting to . . . "

Esme , " Still, the welts have diminished and so has the rash and my face no longer looks scabby so the meds seem to be working. Excuse me now. I need to catch up on my beauty sleep. I'll need even more rest than usual to get rid of these remaining welts and to return once more to my breathlessly beautiful , rashless self! "

Have a great day!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. We are sorry to hear you have the itchies, Esme. That is terrible! Good for you to make sure your mommy noticed. Of course everyone would fall in love with you at the vet's. How could they not?

  2. We are relieved your nasty itches have subsided Esme and your face is not so scabby (what a nasty word to be used on one as beautiful as you) - you really must have a stern word with LP!
    BTW mum says has LP changed her laundry soap as sometimes that can cause an allergy.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Oh Esme, good girl to show that Mom that were sick. Two throw ups is a great way to do it. Glad you were such a good girl at the vet. That must be a nice vet to make you so comfortable. Our vet is the same way. Sending tons of purrs that you continue to get better. We will need some updates. Take care.

  4. Oh ESME! You must get all better and try to tell mommy what you are allergic to. I have allergies too but not like those. We don't know what mine is either but it always shows itself as itchies.
    Esme, see if you are using something different to lay on and nap. That may be it. Is there any spray your mom is using? Room spray perhaps?

  5. You tell the story so beautifully, Esme. Am glad you're back to your beautiful rashless self. har har har *happy laughs*

  6. Esme, we're impressed you were so good at the vet!

    Pet food companies do change their forumulas without letting the public know, regardless of what they might claim. So while it could be the same brand, there could be something new about it.

    Any new treats being given? Different brand of nip or valerian, etc.?

    Something new in the house, area rug, throw, whatever? New laundry detergent? Just tossing out ideas to get your human thinking, if she's not come up with these possibilities before.

    Years ago when we still had wall-to-wall carpet (okay, that was before we were born, when it was Chum and Annie), Annie got the itchies and little scabs. Vet had no real clue, gave a steroid shot. Then our human pulled up the wall-to-wall carpet on the entire main level a couple of months later and put down laminate. Annie didn't have a skin problem after that.

    So it could be anything, Esme, not only food.

  7. Sorry to hear about your problems, hope you feel better soon. Sending purrs from Kizzie.

  8. Esme what a wicked flirt you are to jump on the vet's shoulder!!!! We are so glad you're feeling better already :-)

  9. Oh no, sweetheart!

    I know what it's like to have the allergies, and it will get better! Your itches and rashes will go away. Maybe a little shirt will help prevent you from scratching it... I know what you're thinking, but it helped me! And you would probably look very cute in a shirt. Wish I could kiss it better right now for you. You are very brave, Esme!


  10. Aw, itchies and rash are awful! (just ask Star) We're purring that it all clears up quickly!
    Star gets itchy rashy at the change of season, she doesnt know it, but she's about to get another bath one day soon..

  11. Esme, THat Woman said that you could be covered in rashes, doggie doodoo, fleas,mange, or any other Codforsaken thing & she would take you home without blinking an eye! (though admittedly a breathing mask might come in handy).

    I say don't believe a word of it! I once came home smelling like some dumb garlic plant & she flatly refused to get near me until I had cleaned MYSELF entirely!

    I swear she must be a vampire.

    Glad your itchies are calming down & your welts are healing. Milk it for all it's worth baby!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  12. Awwww , poor you Esme :(
    I hope the prednisone and clavaseptin will take the itch and rash away quikly !

  13. Aw, we're sorry you got the itchies, Esme, and hadta go to the vet. Ernie gets the itchies and when they get real bad, he hasta go too. We hope the medicines help make you feel better.

    And we know all about hysterical moms and how they worry about us!

  14. We're sorry to be late commenting, Sweet Esme, an are glad you are feeling less itchy!

    The Chans


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