August 31, 2012

Pawparazzi .

Mitalee , " Oh My Cod!! I barely have one eye open and there's the pawparazzi lens hunting me down! My furs are an utter mess and I need a cup of nip. Don't judge me!! That's right , I need a strong cup of nip and my breakfast before I  feel feline in the morning.  "

Mitalee , " Or. . . I could just go back to sleep. . . "

Mitalee , " Click. Click. That's kinda difficult to do though with Pawparazzi around !"

Mitalee , " Dang! One eyelid down again and one barely open. I'm having trouble staring pawparazzi in the eye ! "

Mitalee , " Was that the sound of the  lid of feline gooey goodness being cracked open ?!! It was , wasn't it?! You know. . .  I just might be able to stay awake for my photo shoot if pawparazzi brings me breakfast in bed.Or better yet, if pawparazzi CARRIES me to my breakfast dish. After all , it's been a very long week! "

Have a Fabulous Friday and weekend all!
See you Monday.
the critters in the cottage xo

P.S. Thanks for the kind and helpful words re: Esme. I have never had a pet with allergies or one who reacted to food or laundry detergent, new fabric etc. I truly thought Esme was VERY sick. I am so relieved it is something that can be resolved. Thanks for all your insights. I'll put on my detective hat and try to figure it out :)

August 30, 2012

Esme to the vet!

Esme , " You won't believe this but the day that LP took the foster cats to the vet's , Monday , I grew a rash while she was gone! "

Esme , " Before LP noticed the rash I made certain to vomit in front of her as soon as she came home. It was a polite vomit. Just enough to let her know all was not well. I made sure to polite vomit twice in front of her since she can be a little slow about things some times."

Esme , "That finally moved her into action and she made an appointment with the vet.The vet gave me prednisone and clavaseptin and I have to take those for a week now."

 Esme , " But before LP made the appointment at the vet's , I also made certain to let her know I was feeling itchy.That always gets her attention on account she is afraid of us getting (whispers) f-l-e-a-s. After I scratched my itchies a few times in front of her , she examined every little inch of me and saw all the welts and the rash on my tummy and under my arms. She also noticed the top of my head was red and my face also had welts.What an effort it took on my part for her to finally pay attention to me! But it payed off beautifully! She blanched noticeably and then started kissing me and saying , Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! and made the appointment."

Esme , " Can you see a little bit of my rash still around my chest area ? Anyhoo , as I mentioned , LP was beside herself since she didn't know what was going on and she immediately jumped to the possibility that I would die from a strange and rare rash disease.She tends toward the hysterical when it comes to me and my wellbeing. I , on the other hand , was the model patient when we arrived at the vet's. LP was all winded and almost weepy and frankly vaguely embarrassing.But I remained calm at all times. I even let the vet pick me up and place me on my back while he scrapped a skin sample from under my arm to rule out any skin yuckies.I didn't even flinch! I jumped up on his shoulder instead to show him how agile I am. I purred and explored the examinig room and let the assistants fawn and fuss over me while they gently held me and the vet gave me a shot to stop the itchies and swelling. Both the assistants wanted to take me home.Even with me covered in a yucky rash and welts!! Can you imagine ?!! "

Esme , " The vet believes  I am having an allergic reaction to food. So it looks as though I won't die of some rare and unheard of rash after all , which naturally made LP weep with joy! But since there hasn't been any change in my diet, we really don't know what food I would be reacting to . . . "

Esme , " Still, the welts have diminished and so has the rash and my face no longer looks scabby so the meds seem to be working. Excuse me now. I need to catch up on my beauty sleep. I'll need even more rest than usual to get rid of these remaining welts and to return once more to my breathlessly beautiful , rashless self! "

Have a great day!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo

August 29, 2012

Bed Maker Helper .

Malou , " I'm helping LP make the bed in the guestroom. I'm a big help to her I can tell by the way she looks at me and sighs."

Malou , " And then out of the blue she says to me , Malou in life you must lie in the bed you make."

Malou , " And I'm thinking. . .  well of course! Where else would I take all my cat naps?! "

Malou , " But instead , I ask her to please pass me some of the covers in her arms so that I can lie comfortably in the bed that I helped make, knowing this will be a very comfortable bed indeed! Afterall , I helped make it ! "

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo

P.S. Thank you for your kind words with regards to Leo's story. For those who suggested it, I had never considered giving him a pill to sedate him before we actually arrived at the vet's and will now consider this for his next visit. I actually had never even considered that animals were sedated in order for vets to examine them.This was the first time a vet proposed giving Leo an injection in order to examine him and I was truly caught off guard.The rescue vets are numerous and this was our first exchange with this particular vet. It was obvious he was intimidated by Leo's size from the moment he walked into the room . I also agree with those of you who mentioned that if the vet had been a little less frightened of Leo , and had taken a more "take charge" attitude , Leo would have been less uneasy and may have responded with more acceptance as he has done in the past with other vets.Usually he allows me to calm him down and then the vet can proceed with the exam but that definitely wasn't the case this time!! Thank you again for all your support and insights.

August 28, 2012

Leo's Story.

Leo , " I thought I would tell you how the vet visit went yesterday since so many of you left lovely and encouraging comments.Thank you for keeping us in your thoughts and for your friendship and support. I'll start with Tulip's diagnosis and then I will tell you my story. Tulip was given a blood test yesterday morning and later that day when her results came in , it was discovered that her thyroid medication needed to be augmented as LP had suspected. Tulip was also given some new medication for her kidneys which aren't doing so well now. The vet also gave her tetracycline for her inflamed eyes. Tulip has been ill since LP began to foster her and it has been a long road of many ills for her but she remains sweet and cheerful. Always. She will tell you her story one day but today I will tell you my story because after Tulip Bunny Blossom Sweet Heart's long day yesterday,  our Tulip needs to enjoy her favourite basket and rest today. "

Leo , "Some of you may have already heard my story. You may want to have a little cat nap as I retell it , if that is the case. For those who don't know my story , here is my story. I hope it will allow you to understand why I become Big Fangs at the vet's.

You see, I was found on someone's front porch one unusually cold and brutal winter about four years ago. I say brutal because we don't have lasting snow in Vancouver and that winter we did. For weeks on end.There was snow and cold. I had nowhere to go to get away from the elements. I was a cat without a home. Not a feral cat , just a cat without a home.I don't remember ever having a home actually. I've never had my own people until now. I was an outdoor cat who belonged to no one and who was fed by numerous kind souls who took pity on me but no one ever took me home. I'm a big guy and maybe they felt I would take up too much room in their little homes but I guess I'll never know the reason for sure. I lived like this for over ten years.Until I was found frozen to that retired couple's front porch when they came back from holiday. They took me for dead and brought me to the rescue place. Because they couldn't bury me.The ground was frozen for miles down and the shovel wouldn't dig deep enough. They thought the rescue group might know what to do with my body. But I was alive."

Leo , " I was frozen for quite some time and the cold atrophied my muscles. It took a long time for me to be able to walk again and to this day my hind legs can at times pull out from under me and cause me to falter. In fact , it was touch and go for me for a long and intensive time when I first arrived in rescue. No one thought I would make it. But I did. I know what you are thinking. I owe my life to vets. And it's true. And I know it. I do! It's nothing against vets. I just remember all the handling and jabbing and poking and tubes and I get nervous that that might happen all over again. It's irrational I know but I can't really control Big Fangs. He just comes out because of all the bad memories. I lived at the rescue getting better for two years before LP came and took me home. I was very depressd at the rescue and would sit on a chair and stare at the ground for hours at a time. LP chose me to foster because she said it looked like I needed some cheering up.She says I can live with her and my foster family forever if I want.She says she loves me like a mother bear would.She says her love for me is ferocious and neverending.She says that will never change. But because of all of my ongoing vet bills and Tulip's ongoing vet bills we also have the rescue as part of our family to help us out.

Now , I have to tell you about yesterday's vet visit and here's my confession. Big Fangs showed up in a big way yesterday. He filled the vet's entire examining room until there was almost no more room for the vet himself ! Big Fangs grew and grew until he could touch the ceiling and he wouldn't let the vet anywhere near him. When LP tried to show the vet the lump and the vet moved closer to study and examine it , Big Fangs roared his Big Fangs roar. He hissed his Big Fangs hiss, he roared and hissed so much the vet cowered in a corner shaking with fear and no doubt fearing for his very life!That vet had no choice but to let Big Fangs win.The vet would not even come close enough to touch me. And the vet said he could only examine me properly if I was sedated.  LP said, No.Not this time. She said she would keep an eye on the lump and if it changes she will bring me back to the vet's in the hope that Big Fangs is better behaved."

Leo , " I hope you have not lost respect for me for scaring the vet. I'll try to be more co-operative next time. I'll let you know how it goes. But for now, I need to catch up on some zzzzzzzz.Yesterday's strategic plan worked beautifully but I am all tuckered out. It's good and wonderful to be home again."

Have a Terrific Tuesday.
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo

August 27, 2012


Tulip, " Hey everyone ! I'm supposed to thank each one of you for leaving such nice words of support and sweetness for Malou and Levon's trip to the vet's for their booster shots on Friday.Thank you! All your good thoughts were very much appreciated. Except you need to know that Noodlehead kinda got it all wrong. Noodlehead thought she was supposed to bring the kittenbabies in for their booster shots when they turned one (which was recently if you all remember the birthday celebration), BUT she is actually supposed to bring them to the vet's a year from their second round of shots! This means the kittenbabies won't need their booster shots for another two to three months yet.The trip to the vet's and all that singing and dancing on Malou and Levon's part was for naught! The kittenbabies will have to do it all over again in a few months except this time they will definitely get jabbed. They won't like that!  "

Tulip  , " But LP got today right. Today, I am going to the vet's with Leo. I'm going because  although I am still very photogenic and glamorous, I am actually getting really skinny. LP calls me , "Skinny Minny" and she thinks my thyroid needs to be checked again to make sure I am taking the correct dose of thyroid medication."

Tulip , " And LP says my eyes look sore and need to be checked again. My eyes get inflamed and run on and off all the time so I'm always going back and forth to the vet's. LP has taken me to various vets and no one seems to be able to  figure out what exactly is wrong with my eyes ."

Tulip , " I'm going to rest up for a bit before I go to the vet's. But do you know what ?! I love going to the vet's! It's an adventure for me. But I know it won't be fun today because Big Fangs is coming with me this time and Big Fangs doesn't like the vet at all. Right Big Fangs ?! "

Leo, " Once I opened my jaws real wide and roared at the vet and he and Daddyman both quickly backed up into the far corner of the examining room. LP laughed at them. She said she couldn't help herself. But now the vet calls me , Big Fangs . Not so funny for me !! "

Leo , " I have a lump on my back that needs to be looked at. If LP is holding me , I will permit the vet to examine me without showing him my fangs."

Leo, " Although I honestly don't know how he could be afraid of little ole me. . . "

LP, " Thanks again for your kind words of support for Malou and Levon. I'll let you know when round two occurs and I promise to get it right then :) Please keep the foster cats Tulip and Leo in your thoughts today. Leo especially has me worried.

Have a Marvelous Monday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo

August 24, 2012

Help ! Us.

Levon , " Hey! What's this carrier doing out here? "

Malou , " Nice! The top's down on our " cat-illac" ,  Levon. It's lovely and warm in here with the sun coming in . Really cosy!"

Levon , " I wonder if we could both fit in the cat-illac Malou . . . "

Malou , " Let's try!! "

Malou  and Levon ,  " Tight . . .  but definitely doable ! "

Levon , " Hey, where did the sun go ?!! "

Levon and Malou ,  " Hellooooooo. Who turned off the lights ?!! "
                                " Gulp. Help! Us ."

LP, " Malou and Levon are getting their first booster shots today. Please keep them in your thoughts as devons can some times have strong reactions to shots. All paws crossed that they respond well! Thanks :) "

Have a Fabulous Friday and weekend!
See you Monday.
the critters in the cottage xo

August 23, 2012

Malou's Throne.

Malou , " Have you ever heard the expression , " More nervous than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs ? "

Malou , " Well I had never heard that expression until Daddyman told me about it. You see, he thinks it's funny when applied to me . . .because it's just not applicable! "

Malou , " I suppose it's because there are a few rocking chairs in the cottage and I love them all! "

Malou , " But this is my favourite rocking chair . LP calls it , "Malou's Throne". "

Malou ,  " And it doesn't make me nervous in the least! In fact, it gently rocks me to sleep. ZZZzzzzzzzzz."

Have a great day!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo

August 22, 2012

An Award for us all.

Malou , " We won an award. It is for each and every one of us ! Our sweet and thoughtful friends at Cherry City Kitties gave it to us. Thanks so much for thinking of us guys!"

Malou , " It's called the Beautiful Blogger Award.We are supposed to tell you seven new things about us but since we are eight critters in the cottage we are going to fudge things a little and tell you eight things-one for each of us! I'll go first ok?

Malou , "  Daddyman pines after me BUT I am a Mama's girl! And when I'm loving up my Mama , I give her the bitey love bite, once , twice, and mostly thrice to let her now she is all mine! "

Levon, " I have a quazillion and one pet names but the one LP uses most often is , Weed. She says it's 'cause I keep growing like a weed and pretty soon I'm going to shoot right on up through the roof! "

Esme , " I am a very fussy eater. I really don't have much of an appetite at all. I'd rather bask in the sun or cuddle with LP than eat! "

Leo , " I have the loudest purr LP has ever heard on a cat. In fact , when K and LP have sleepovers in the foster cat room , I some times keep them awake with my extra loud purring!! "

Issa , " When I was a little puppy, my fur was really, really red, like an Irish Setter's auburn colouring. People would stop LP all the time because they wanted to take pictures of me because of my beautiful coat! And twice I even had people stop their car when we were out on a walk asking LP if she would sell me to them!! "

Duffy , " If I like you I will jump up and give you a little nip on the buttocks! Not hard enough to hurt of course, just enough to let you know I like you very much! "


Mitalee , " I am very easy going and love and accept everyone but that's because deep down I know I am , The Queen. And I know that everything that comes through the front door, and I mean everything! is MINE!! "


Tulip , " I love everyone. LP says I am love incarnate on four sweet legs. But I do love Duffy best and I am happiest when we can cuddle together."

We would like to pass this award on to anyone who has yet to receive it. We think you are all Beautiful Bloggers so please play along if you so choose. We think you are beautiful through and through!

Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo 

August 20, 2012


Esme , " I am feeling a little disconcerted! "

Esme , " As a result of the unverified information of uncertain origins that has been in circulation these last few days. That's correct. Rumours! About me no less! "

Esme , " I admit to spending time with Henry at Malou and Levon's first birthday party last week. . . "

Esme , " But the rumour that we stayed up into the wee hours of the morn without supervision of any kind is sheer balderdash!Or the rumour that I stayed up all night singing karaoke with him. And the big doozer of a rumour that I never actually made it home. At all. For the last two days! These false rumours could very well taint my reputation and virtue forevermore! And what does a cat have left if she loses her moral excellence?!! "

Esme , " Meet me under the pergola tonight Henry ?! "

Have a Marvelous Monday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo