July 9, 2012

Strength in Numbers.

Levon , " I don't think you should hide behind me Malou. It makes you look too guilty! "

Levon , " If we present a united front , LP will never be able to decipher who is actually at fault."

Levon , " Ok. Here she comes. Now remember . . . don't start blubbering. Just act surprised , like you have no idea what she is talking about! "

Levon and Malou , " Huh? Us? What ? Huh? Spillage? Um. Wow! Really? Can't imagine who! Huh? What ? Us? Never! It's absurd! Laughable! Unthinkable! Preposterous even!! "

 Levon and Malou , " Did you ask Esme and Mitalee ? We saw them hovering around that area acting suspicious."

Levon and Malou , " Or the dogs? They are most likely to have done this if you really think about it. It has disorderly , contrary, unruly dog behavior written all over it! "

Levon and Malou , " We would never , ever, EVER do such a thing . . . but the others are capable of anything. . . "

Have a Marvelous Monday!
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage xo


  1. One for all, and all for one! You two mousekateers are just so adorable. Innocence personifies, not! har har har *evil laughs*

  2. Levon we know you and Malou wouldn't ever spill any water and guess one of your siblings has passed the blame on to you. Mind you we wonder who left that water there in the first place!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. OMC, we LOVE your expressions, just priceless! We can't understand why your human would even for a second think you were guilty!

  4. I can't believe how big the kittens are. They are getting huge. I just love their big eyes.
    When Mahoney and Two Two were still little kittens, the older girls did pick on them but they are all pretty much friends now.It is amazing. Take care.

  5. You´re adorable!!! Heheheh! Kisses!

  6. It's Kim from Fuzzy Tales--I don't see an email for you, so am replying via your blog. :-)

    Regarding Nicki's anal glands...I can't think how it first came to my attention, but he's prone to them filling up, really needs them expressed a few times a year. Much harder to do on a cat, not something to be done by untrained hands, IMO.

    In Nicki's case, he'll start scooting across the carpet and licking himself a lot, and I'll find he seems uncomfortable when sitting down--he'll shift around a lot before he settles.

    He just had his glands done at the end of February, figured he'd need them done again, poor boy. At least this one time he was unconscious for it!

  7. Adorable kittehs like you can get away with anything!

  8. Those eyes... I.. I believe anything they say.... It was the dogs... the eyes don't lie!

  9. You two are SO adorable! We will believe *anything* you tell us. :)

  10. We think it was Not Me that made that mess!

  11. YOUR FACES! Mommy said that is the best thing she has seen all day! I agree. xoxoxoxo

  12. LOL, too funny!!! You have to enter some of those pics in the synchronized olympic events, their identical expressions are great :-)


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