July 19, 2012

Skeeter .

Esme , " You know how they say pictures can be deceptive? Well they can! Look at me here for example. I look as though I am towering over Mitalee. But I'm not! I'm actually teeny tiny and LP often calls me , Skeeter. "

Esme , " Here again , I look to be the same size as Mitalee and Malou. But I'm not. I'm Skeeter."

Esme , " Here I am enjoying my window whiffies next to Levon. Now can you see the size difference?! Levon weighs nine pounds! I weigh not quite four pounds."

Esme , " LP says I'm like a Skeeter , you know, a mosquito , and that it really doesn't matter how teeny tiny I am. She says , I have a GIANT, determined , tireless, obstinate and unremitting presence that's difficult to miss. Like a mosquito in a tent. She's always complimenting me like that."

Have a great day!
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage xo


  1. We hope you don't nip like mosquitoes
    do Esme!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Hmmm... I'm not so sure about this. I LIKE Esme. I DON'T LIKE skeeters. They're annoying, and they spread icky heartworms! I don't know how to reconcile these things. Maybe Esme's NOT a skeeter after all?

  3. LOL. That's quite the "compliment!"

    We're a little too mancatly (read hefty, plump, roly poly) to ever be called that. ;-P

  4. *MOL*
    Quite some compliments you got there , Esme :)

  5. It is sooo fun to see you all together and then in separate lil lumps and wow, that Levon is a mancatly cat!

  6. Big hearts, little packages! We little ones have lots to share in the world!

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S: these pictures are so sweet!

  7. Hi there Skeeter and you are one cute little Skeeter. We love little cats. They are usually much tougher than the bigger kitties. Hope all of you have a super day.

  8. You´re so beautiful cat!!! Four pounds is a good weight, isn´t?

  9. OH you precious little sweet thing. 4 piunds..you're hardly a handful of beauty and sweetness. xoxoxoxox

  10. I think Esme is a purrfect size for me. I mean to say... she is purrfect! Umm I mean, nevermind. Nothin coming out right...

  11. RE: the translator -- I use Chrome for the boys' account and to visit/comment. When I visit a site in another language for the first time, it always just asks me if I want to translate to English, and if so, all the time. I just click yes and so every time I visit the page automatically gets translated. Well, often Google isn't so great at translating, actually. :-)

    I'm not sure if other browsers give you the same option. If not, I would select the URL and then go to Google Translate to get the English version that way. You can enter text or a URL.


  12. Better to email me at keas.fuzzy.tales@gmail.com -- lol.

    The Google translate URL is here:


    And you will see that it says to enter text or a URL.

    As for Chrome, I downloaded it quite a while ago because it's so much faster than Firefox, and because I needed one browser open with my personal account, and another open at the same time for the boys' account.

    I'm just leaving the office in a few minutes, but if you have other questions, just send an email, I'll get it later when I'm home and settled. :-)

  13. Like a skeeter in a tent? MOL, so you make peoples get itchy? Oh wait! I get it! You like scratchies! Well that's perfect! And seems like you're about a handful so full body scritches!

  14. Oh Skeeter! You are such a lovely, feminine and diminuitive wee creature I can hardly stand it! Your mum is so very lucky to have you.

    Thank you all for coming by and sending well wishes for Ms. Stella. She can sure use them. She is not very happy about the continuing lampshade jokes. I tried to convince her that 'Torchier' lamps are very cool indeed but she is having none of it. Can't say I blame her really, after all I have not been the one in confinement since July started!

    That Woman

  15. Esme what an exquisite little bundle you are :-)

  16. Esme, the best things come in small packages!

  17. We gave you an award today. To see it go to my post today!

    Bonks and Purrs


  18. Being smaller means you can fit into the bestest hiding places!

    Gummi (who can no longer get under the couch... sigh..)

  19. Such pretty pictures!

    I'm so glad you entered our Couch Potato Peeling Event because now I know how to find you.... You've got a furend in me!

    Lily Belle

  20. Kizzie would agree that the best things come in small bottles.

  21. Oh, Esme, you may be little, but you've got a beautiful and bigger-than-life presence! Hugs!


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