July 23, 2012

Loose Ends.

LP  " Some time ago Issa won a give- away from  Diva Dog Design  . Pip from the blog , Pip Gets Back in the Game had the draw. Last week Issa's custom made t-shirt arrived in the mail. Below are a few pics of her in her new t-shirt. I also bought a few cute collars from Diva Dog Design which are very sweet  and also being modeled."

Issa , " I think I should model this outside. The lighting would be better ! "

Duffy , " Check out the peace sign on my new collar ."

Issa , " My new t-shirt has the letter "I" on the back . "I" for Issa . And my new collar has little flowers all in a row ."

Issa , " And it has a daisy charm on it ."

 Duffy , " My new collar has birds on it. "

Duffy , " And LP bought me this collar as well because powder blue is my favourite colour! "

Issa and Duffy , " And we also won an award. It was given to us a while back but LP was  lazy , disorganized ,  slow to get it up. It was given to us by the very sweet and sassy Katie of , Katie Isabella Colors My World.

Issa and Duffy , " Now , we have already won this award but we thought it fair if we doggies had a chance to share a few things about us (for a change. . . ).

1.    Our full names are : Isadora Gypsy Rose

                                    Sir Duffy Ducky Birdie Quin.

2.    Issa is pronounced , Ee ssa.
        Duffy likes to be called , Dufduf.

3.    Issa joined our family when she was given up by a family we knew , who wasn't prepared to take care of a dog. She was four months old.

      Duffy joined our family when a friend of ours died unexpectedly. Duffy was under a year old.

4.    Issa can get Daddyman to do anything for her. She has him trained to carry her up and down stairs when she so chooses.

      Duffy adores Daddyman and sleeps wrapped around his head at night.

5.    Both Issa and Duffy love the cats but the cats especially love Duffy and can often be found curled up and asleep next to him.

6.  Issa was born in a clothing store.
     Duffy was born in a family home.

7.  Unlike angels Masala and Allegra who came before them, both Issa and Duffy love to wear clothes and fanciful collars.

And one for the road...

8. Issa's pet name is , Sunshine.
    Duffy's pet name is , Birdie.

Please grab this award if you care to play.You are all lovely to us.

Have a Marvelous Monday!
See you soon.
the critters in the cottage xo


  1. That sure is one pretty shirt. Glad you won that. And conga rats on the award.We loved hearing about you two doggies. Love your nick names. Have a super week.

  2. Concats on your award - loved reading your answers and now we know your nicknames too!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. You two look great in your new collars and that tshirt is just adorable!!! You will be the envy of all the other woofies :-)

  4. Concats on the award!

    We think the new collars are shirt look terrific on you both!

  5. Great looking T-shirt you got there Issa !
    Nice collars too :)
    It was actually quite nice to read a little bit about you woofies too ;-)

  6. We love the collars, the photos, the answers!!!!
    Concats to the award!!!!!

  7. What snazzy collars, and Felix LOVES the shirt! We are a little unsure about sleeping wif woofies, tho.

  8. Cool new stuff! Lucky doggies!
    Congratulations on your award! Loved hearing new things about you two!

  9. Oh I loved seeing your answers. Fanks you so much for playing along. xoxoxox

  10. Oh my Issa, you look lovely! I love the shirt and the little daisy charm. We adore daisies in our house because we had a very special kitty named Daisy. She passed away in 2008, but we think of her every time we see daisies.

    The collars are adorable, too. I can't wear collars - otherwise I would get one with peace signs, too.

    Your pal, Pip


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