June 25, 2012

The Teacher .

Mitalee , " Well the big day has arrived and let's hope today is more successful than Malou's failed lesson. Not because she didn't want to do it , but because that child cannot stand still long enough to learn anything! Today will be Levon's turn to learn the delicate and acquired taste of . . . "

Mitalee , " Dog water bowl lapping . Or in layman's terms , drinking from the dog bowls! "

Mitalee , " I prefer this bowl since it is lower to the ground and captures the subtle flavours more succinctly  but you , Levon, will begin with the nuances found in the blue striped bowl ."

Mitalee , " Observe my technique closely. I never slurp or swig the water. I take nice , quick sips . Now you try , Levon. "

Mitalee ,  " Very Good! "

Mitalee , " Well done Levon! What do you think ? Is it a taste you would care to acquire ?! "

Levon , " Uh huh! Dog drool mixed with water , RULES !! "

Have a Marvelous Monday!
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage xo


  1. Levon was that dog water yucky?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Rats, I only get plain, unflavored water!

  3. Hi there Mitalee, that dog drool water is not very good. We have to live with dogs too. Hope all have a super week.

  4. Uh, we're not sure about dog drool in water. Mind you, we've never tasted water like that, we might like it too. :-)

  5. My kitty brother is always drinking from our bowls! He makes us sit and wait for him to finish, too. He's kind of mean.

  6. aaaaarrrrgghh!!!!!

    We think there's something Wrong about dog drool...but that's just us...

  7. We're not sure about drinking dog drool. Yuck. But then again, we've never tried it.

  8. I share a bowl with my feline sisters and they always complain that I am messy.

    Your pal, Pip

  9. I do not understand it, but umm... enjoy i guess...

    XO K:)


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