April 19, 2012

A Mixed Bag of Cute ( Bengal Kittens).

LP, " Last weekend I was invited to help choose a bengal kitten . I waited until my friend twisted my arm a few times and then finally agreed to go with her ."

LP, " This little girl was chosen. Her name is now Abby. "

LP, " Abby showing us she knows which way is up on the litterbox ."

LP, " This  cute little kitten stole my heart but wasn't ready to go to her forever home yet ."
Cute Kitten , " Hmmm. I'm sure you could fit me into your pocket if you really wanted to and no one would notice . . . "

Cute Kitten , "  I know you WANT to . . .  I dare you to ! "
LP, " I know you will find a forever home quickly 'cause you are some cute! :) "

Abby , " I am getting sleepy . . . "

LP, " You will have a wonderful life , sweet Abby . With your very own sisfur !"

Have a great day!
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage xo


  1. We think Abby is absolutely purrfect and such a pretty young ladycat. We are sure her new owner will love her.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. That Abby is so darn cute. She really is something.
    The Cute Kitty was also the best too. Hope she finds a great home. Love the pictures.

  3. What beautiful kitties!!!!

  4. adorable....and let the games begin as I understand Bengal kittens don't possess an "off" switch... MOL

  5. Gorgeous but so sweet at the same time. So, glad to know she has a new home.

  6. Oh how I would LOVE to hold those babies. xoxoxox

  7. Picking kittens must be the funnest thing in the world!

  8. Abby is adorable! We hope she'll be happy in her new home!

  9. squeeeee!!! oh my goodness! cute overload!!! i LOVE bengal kitties. those patches are amazing!

  10. I think we will ask our Mom to adopt a Bengal kitteh since this one is so cute!


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