April 24, 2012

Confessions of a Kittenbaby .

Malou , " Can I tell you something ? "

Malou ,  " I am now officially bigger than Esme ! She weighs four pounds and I weigh almost five pounds ! "

Malou ,  " My favourite thing to do is to follow Esme everywhere she goes. I LOVE her and ADMIRE her and want to be JUST like her. In every way possible ! Can I be frank ? She actually just barely tolerates me. And isn't afraid of hurting my feelings either ."

Malou , " Esme sure is a hard nut to crack . But I am convinced I will crack her one of these days . I have what is known as "staying power " and that's a very good power to have on my side ! "

Have a Terrific Tuesday.
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage xo


  1. Good for you, Malou! I weigh almost EIGHT pounds. I think most of it is in my belleh.

  2. Malou purrhaps Esme thinks she has a second shadow if you follow her too closely. Step back a paw and she may feel less like her space is being invaded!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Almost 5 pounds now? That's great! I won't tell you what I weigh...

  4. Keep trying Malou, I know she will come around to loving you :-)

  5. Oh MY! I weight at least a whopping 9 pounds of strong bouncing girl! xoxox

  6. Malou, you are so good looking so pretty. Wow 5 pounds. That is great. I bet that Esme will be your friend really soon. Don't give up. How can anyone turn down that cute face.

  7. Well, when you get bigger you can simply ENGULF her with your love!

  8. We think you're on the right track, Malou! You'll break down her defenses! We know we couldn't resist you!

    The Chans

  9. 4 and 5 pounds??? I'm getting a complex. Next thing I know, I'll be asking if my tail makes me look fat.
    ; ) Katie

  10. Malou, you are getting so big so fast!!

  11. You two are so little! Good for you Malou about that staying power you got! We bet that Esme is secretly flattered!

  12. Wow! And I thought you would be smaller than her! Yay! Good for you Malou, and i'm positive Esme will crack!!

    XO K:)


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