April 12, 2012


Levon , " The sun is pooling overhead . It looks like the perfect day  for a bath ! "

Levon , " I'll start with my leg ."

Levon , " Then again , perhaps I should begin elsewhere . . ."

Levon , " That's better . . . "

Levon , " Oh. Hey Esme. I didn't see you there. What did you say ?"

Esme ,  " I said. . . you're a birdbrain , now get out of my bed ."

Levon , " I had a feeling that's what she said . . . "

Have a great Thursday!
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage xo


  1. MOL, that's a wonderful series of pictures! Too cute!

  2. hehehehehe.....mama is giggling . she said, such CUTE pictures!

  3. Levon you are growing into such a big mancat!!!!

  4. Sisfurs can be a pest Levon - they think they always know best. We love your up in the air leg picture and think you would make a great gymnast.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Levon has a "deer in the headlights" look in the 5th and 7th photos -- too cute! :-)

  6. Your gymnastic abilities just make my heart flutter! xoxox

  7. Those pictures are great fun! LOVE 'EM!!!

  8. MOL, that was too cute. The kittens are getting so big. I can't believe how much they have grown. Too cute. Take care.

  9. Mommmy just want to hold you and Esme so close and never let you go from her arms!!! She can not do that with me since I do not care for it...
    An ATC is an artist trading card...you swap them with other artists...never sell them. they are the size of a baseball card...that is the only fast rule to creating them...the size. Do you do art?
    Love from the cozy cottage

  10. Well i'm sure that you're not a bird brain and that your big sis just wants a turn in the bed:P

    XO K:)

  11. You should learn that can't have Esme's bed, Levon!

  12. Levon, you still remind me of your uncle Lewis xx


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