March 5, 2012

New Bed and words of support for Judi.

LP ,  " I was recently looking around the house and I suddenly realized there were numerous cat beds scattered everywhere but the dogs didn't have a single bed of their own , let alone numerous beds to choose from ! This admittedly , largely has to do with the fact that we allow the dogs on the couch which is where they prefer to sleep. I noticed that Duffy often slept under a hallway table though so I thought I could put a bed under there for them. Saturday I went to our neighbourhood pet store looking for a dog bed . I found and bought a bed that appeared to be comfortable enough for the two of them to sleep in together if they so chose . Here is how it was received.

Levon, " A new bed for me and Malou ! And it is nice and spacious too. It has plenty of growing room for us ."

Levon , " Fooey. Here comes Esme. And she is being pretend polite while waiting nicely for a turn to try out the new bed ."

Levon , " I'd better get out and give her a turn or she'll get impatient and whap me. Whap. Whap. Whap . She is nutty as a bag of nuts that way . Malou and I call her , Nutty Whapper. As in , "Here comes The Nutty Whapper. But not in front of her of course."

Esme , " Sniff . Sniff . Young whipper snappers smell like an old wet dog ! Ugh."

Esme , " I'll just stay on this side . It's fresher ."

Esme , " There is plenty of room for me to stretch out . I love my new Queen size bed  ! So thoughtful of LP. "

Later . . .

Malou , " Coolio. A new bed for me and Levon . "

Malou , " Hey , Little Prince.Wake up. Do you like our new deluxe bed ? "

Malou , " You are so right! Lots of leg room ! "

And later still . . .

Levon , " Yup. This luxury ship is purrfect for my daily grooming sessions ."

Levon , " How nice. Just me and my yacht ."

And even later still . . .

Mitalee  , "  Mine . "

LP, " Oh well. I tried!! "

Ann of Zoolatry reminded us mere moments ago! ( the badges our compliments of Ann) that it is Hats of Hope day for Judi today. We have never had the pleasure of meeting Judi but we wanted to show our support and wish her the very best . Please go to Mr.Pip's (on my sidebar) to view or join a blog hop in suppport of her today.

We wish you well Judi and send you all our purrs and tail wags and  love.

Have a marvelous Monday!
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage xo


  1. Poor woofies didn't stand a chance, eh? Oh well....cats always win anyway. purrt...meow!

  2. Dogs don't need beds but cats most definitely need several each. Hannah has a really big bed and Mum has to sleep with one foot on the floor!! We have posted our hat pictures again today - it was great to look posh for a change!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Our thoughts and prayers are with Miss Judi too!

  4. Mommy is rolling over "Nutty Whapper"!

    ha ha ha!!!!

  5. Oh my, that bed does look very comfy and even looks big enough for me to snuggle in!

    Our paws are crossed tight for Miss Judi!

    Your pal, Pip

  6. Haha! That dog bed is sure getting a cat workout!!

    And we are purring very hard for Mom Judi!

  7. I loved this and so did mommy. Nutty whapper indeed. But the bed it should be. xoxox

  8. Love it! Wow, you all sure did a great job of breaking in the new bed! :)

    We're purring and praying for Aunt Judi, too.


  9. WE just thought this was such a fun bed story. Did those cute little dogs ever get a turn. Just goes to show the old rule, Cats do rule. The same thing would have happened here.Great story.

  10. That bed looks big enough for everybuddy!

  11. Did the pups even get a chance?! Oh well, at least they have the couch... It looks like the cats NEED beds more then the pups anyway, especially Mitalee...! (cute pic of Mitalee!)

    XO K:)


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