March 1, 2012

Half Thankful Thursday from the kittens .

Levon, " I know! I'm a bit stunned too ! ! I made it onto the cat tree for the first time in three weeks ! ! It looks as though my trauma accident is healing really well and I am very much on the mend . Thank Cod ! "

Levon , " I still can't do superman leaps but I am leaping . . . which IS thrilling. Unfortunately , there is a down side to my getting better if you can believe it. . . "

Levon , " Tomorrow I am getting my duzzy fice removed and this time LP claims there is no turning back ! It will be the real deal . Gulp. Wish me well. I'm going to need it ! "

Malou ,  " I'm perfectly aware of what I may appear to be wearing .  Haute couture .  But trust me , it's anything but that . "

Malou ,  " It's a sock ! And not just any sock at that. It is an old , USED sock . Oh , and I am supposed to stress that is a CLEAN used sock. Huh ? "

Malou , " If you look carefully you can spot the hole near the top end of my body. So , I'm wearing a holey, used sock . Are they serious ? ! ! "

Malou , " Apparently I am too delicate and tiny to fit a collar that prevents me from licking and bothering my stitches. When I came home from my spay the hoomans came up with this idea to prevent me from worrying the stitches and causing a problem . I'm thankful the spay went well but get this off  me . . .  now ! "

Malou , " You will never convince me this is haute couture !! "

Have a great day!
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage xo


  1. Malou purrhaps you will set a new trend in haute couture and we'll all be wearing old socks before long!
    We hope you aren't too ouchie after your surgery.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Yay for Levon feeling better! Don't let that nuzzy fut removal set you back, you'll be fine again soon!
    Malou.. I have to agree, it looks more like a sleeveless t-shirt, the ones called 'wife beaters' to us.. MOL, but we purr that you heal up super fast and don't have to wear it for long!

  3. We're so glad you two are healing well from your spay/neuters. We remember when Kite and Princeton healed from theirs (different times, they're two years apart in age, haha).

  4. Oh you look high fashion and so enviable. I am jellus! I want one too. xoxoxoxo

  5. We are so happy that Levon is leaping again...we'll have to start calling him LL!!!

    Malou you are a tiny girl indeed if that is a sock you are wearing! We think it is an ingenious idea :-)

  6. Just look what you have done Malou. You have started a new trend, wearing a sock. We might have to get a sock for Two Two. That is too cute. And Malou, you are so darn cute, we are falling in love with you. But we are nuts about your brother too. Levon is too cute too and we are sending tons of purrs that his surgery goes well too. We will be thinking about you Levon. Take care.

  7. Malou, you look cute as anything in your sock!

    Chi up Levon. Our boys just sailed through the experience!

    The Chans

  8. Malou, you make even a sock look fashionable!

  9. Good luck, Levon! You won't even miss those duzzy fice!! And Malou, we think you look very could start a fashion trend!

  10. Malou, I don't think anyone can pull off a sock the way you do! You can make anything look good. Purrs to you for your continued healing with ease and big purrs to Levon for everything to go well tomorrow and his continued healing. (And thank Mama for her funny comment, it made us laugh but good!)

  11. Hey Malou! All the girls here want one too. And, do they come in boys' style too??? See what you've done, setting a fashion trend already. As for you Levon...well....good luck, mate! Mama's already talking about Seb's black and white duzzy fice too.... purrr....meow!

  12. Maylou! You look so 80's! The torn sweat work out look! Olivia Newton John would be so proud!

    YOu look daahling!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  13. We're glad to hear Levon is feeling better! We will purr and pray that everything goes well tomorrow (we know it will, but just in case).

    Malou, you may not like wearing that outfit, but we think you look MAHvelous!

    Have a great weekend, dear friends!

  14. Aww.. you look all grown up!

    Gummi, Virus and Hyssing

  15. Well if it makes you feel any better Malou, I think that you look adorable!! Very fashionable!

    XO K:)

  16. Great to hear that you are better now Levon !
    Malou are you sure that is a old used sock you are wearing ?!
    It sure looks great on you !


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