March 23, 2012

Flashback Friday with Levon .

LP, " If you have been visiting  since Lewis left us and since the arrival of the kitten babies , you already know that we were supposed to only get one kitten , Malou. If you don't know the story,  you can read it in my archives , under the post " Lewis ' Kin ". When Malou wasn't thriving, my friend Tracy asked me to choose another kitten as she felt Malou wouldn't live much longer and she still wanted to give us the gift of a kitten. Tracy would send me pics of the kittens early on and I would barely look at Levon. He simply didn't seem like a possible choice from the very beginning since he reminded me so much of Lewis . It was almost painful to look at him. Then one day she sent me the pic I will show you below. I don't know why exactly, or what changed in me but when I saw this photo of Levon , I had a very strong feeling that were it possible to translate that feeling into words , the feeling would have conveyed , " You belong with me" . Suddenly Levon wasn't a black and white cat that sadly reminded me of Lewis in all his familiarity anymore but  rather , he was a unique little individual in need of a home. And that home had to be with us."

LP , " In the beginning there were three little kittens ..."

LP, " One of which was a little black and white boy that LP willed to stay away from her ..."

LP, " Not even this adorable picture of the little black and white kitten baby kissing his littermate could break her resolve..."

LP, " Nor did this adorable photo of a food smeared face soften a heart hardened against little black and white kittens...

LP , " But when LP saw this photo she didn't have a chance or any resolve left whatsoever. She saw fireworks, stars, flowers, open fields, sunshine and lollipops which of course meant she had to bring the little black and white kitten home without a moment's hesitation. And she has never since regretted her decision. Not even for a second !"

Have a Fabulous Friday!
See you Monday.
the critters in The Cottage xo


  1. Hannah is cheering your change of heart and says to tell you that black and white kitties are simply the best! Not that she's biased!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. There is of course no way anyone could possibly regret having Levon in their lives!

    The Chans

  3. We are so glad that you broght Levon home. We know that Malou is happy about that.And we know that Levon is so happy to have such a good home. Take care.

  4. Levon, you could work your way into anybuddy's heart!

  5. Aw, no one could say no to that cute face!!!

  6. That baby kiss photo would have done it for our human. LOL.

    We're glad Levon came to live with you!

    Have a wonderful weekend. :-)

  7. It's funny how things happen, now of course Levon is a fixture and you couldn't imagine it any other way!!!

    What happened to the little biege kitten, she is adorable too :-)

  8. awwww - it is funny the things that remind of something else and then help us rediscover....

  9. So glad, you brought both home! I can definitely see why that final picture won you over - though I think I would have caved much earlier. BOL!

    Your pal, Pip

  10. That made me happy and have mommy leaky eyes. xoxoxo

  11. Levon is magic. My Mama would have melted at pix number one. purrr....meow!

  12. I like the first pic but they are all very adorable!!

    XO K:)

  13. Here, here. Beautiful, heart-felt post. What a sweetie baby Levon was and still is, we love his markings and character. We are so happy that the little guy worked his magic on Mama's heart.

  14. squeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! so precious!


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