February 22, 2012

Sunshine and Lollipops .

Issa , " Ok. Lots has been going on this past week here at the cottage.Since I'm the eldest critter , I am supposed to tell you all about it .  It's Levon who has given us a big scare. Well as most of you know ,  he was supposed to get neutered last week but it didn't happen and this is why. The evening before his neuter and the morning of his neuter (that actually never was) , LP noticed Levon was pulling himself up onto the little chair in the kitchen using his front legs. He wasn't using his back legs to enable him to jump up. She started thinking about it and realized she hadn't seen him jumping up onto the cat tree for a while. Or onto the bed or up onto other high places. She thought she should mention it to the vet the morning of his neuter so as not to place him in jeopardy when under anesthetia.The vet did some tests and gave him an anti-inflammatory shot and told us to watch for any improvement. Monday , Levon went in for more tests because there was no improvement -he still wasn't jumping up using his back legs, although he could run and play and he was his usual little piggy self when meal time rolled around. The vet took various x-rays and had some bloodwork done to rule out potential illnesses.

Issa , " The good news is all his bloodwork came up "unremarkable " which is fancy for all is fine with his internal organs and there is no obvious signs of FIP or leukemia which are two sinister killers of young kittens . We were all scared waiting for the results of the tests and Daddyman and LP were very scared. His x-rays were normal as well. So all the critters started singing, "Sunshine and lollipops"! Which is why I am surrounded by sunny things."

Issa , " And Duffy is surrounded by lollipops! But we still don't know why Levon can't use his back legs to jump up. So the vet recommended we take him to a feline neurologist to see if he will be able to decipher what is going on. Levon gave us all a big, heaping plateful of worry this past week but we hope we are on our way to discovering what is happening with him."

Issa , " And we are really , really hoping everything comes up roses for him ."

Issa , " Cause we love him so ."

Have a good day.
We promise to keep you posted on his progress.
the critters in The Cottage xo


  1. Oh Sweet Levon - we hope it is something that can be easily found and treated. We so hate it when any of our furries have something the matter but when they are babies it seems doubly worrying.
    Please let us know what the neurologist finds out.
    We will say special prayers for him.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Yikes - how scary. We are sending purrs that you can figure it out!!

  3. Let's hope they can find out what's the matter soon, and get him sorted. Sending purrs and purrayers

  4. Hope soon that they find out why sweet Levon cannot use those back legs to jump. Glad that all of the tests came back OK. Keep us posted.

  5. We are sending tons of healing purrs for Levon. xx

  6. We are so sorry t hear about all this worrying you've been going through. Let's cross paws that the neurologist can figure things out and Levon will be jumping about again very soon.

    BIG Purrs,
    The Chans

  7. Oh gosh, Levon, please feel better. We hate to think of you being in pain or uncomfortable. Our paws are crossed for you, my friend.

    Your pal, Pip

  8. Oh, Levon, I am worrying about you. Harley and I are going to link paws and send our best healing purrs for you.

  9. We love Levon, and all of you. We are sending big purrs and prayers for you all. Hugs!

  10. Oh little Levon, we have become so fond of you and want to hear more stories of you jumping onto the counter and soaking your paws in the sink! So we send you sunshine and lollipops and our biggest purrs and prayers for the Neurologist to help you and for everything to resolve shortly with ease. Purrs for perfect health for you little man. And comforting thoughts to LP and Daddyman too.

  11. lol@tigerbear.Such good news!I love the way you decorated your pictures.I do mine on photobucket and they arent near as cute.May I ask how you do yours?

    Hugs to all!

  12. Well hopefully Levon will be using his back legs to jump around soon! Or, he could be doing that on purpose to postpone the surgery...Hmmmm...!


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