February 24, 2012

Oh Happy Day .

Esme , " Here I am on The Culprit . At least we think  this might very well be The Culprit . But first I will start at the beginning ."

Esme , " At the beginning , I didn't really appreciate the kitten twins. They kind of turned my world upside down. And by that I mean not in a very nice way. I'm a Mama's girl and I like ALL of my Mama's attention and let's face it, kittens are trouble and two kittens are noisy troublemakers that never put their party horns down. But when something went wrong with Levon , I put my thinking cap on. You see, I am pretty good at deducing things. And I noticed that when Levon fell asleep on the radiators, he some times fell off. You know we all do fall at some point once in a while, on account of the heat and the deep sleeps it induces. But the difference between us girls and Levon is that we break our falls when we roll over into thin air, and we land on our paws. Levon never breaks his fall. . .  he just keeps right on falling smack onto the wooden floors.Once he is rudely knocked out of his dreamstate , he staggers off to sleep elsewhere. When I thought about it some more. . . I wondered if he had somehow injured himself during his falls."

  Esme , " And guess what?! That's what the experts think might have happened . Levon had what is called a , trauma accident. He has hurt himself - maybe by pulling a  muscle or by bruising his tailbone or by injuring something not as obvious as a broken bone but which will need time to heal before he can jump on things and once again be a nuisance to all those around him. Yesterday morning he jumped onto the couch and onto the small chair in the kitchen using his hind legs ! He still can't do BIG jumping but he is improving. And I figured it out before everyone else. I figured out the radiator was THE CULPRIT ."

Levon , " It sure is toasty warm behind the curtains on the radiators ."

Levon, " But I think I had better sleep in my basket on the ground for a while until my trauma accident is all healed up nicely."

LP, " It looks as though Levon is on the mend and that he is suffering from what vets' refer to as a trauma accident which kittens can experience from falling and not landing on all fours thereby inadvertently hurting themselves. Thank you for your kind comments and support one and all! I believe we will all finally have a good night's rest here at the cottage. Even reluctant big sisfur Esme! "

 Have a fabulous Friday!
See you Monday.
the critters in The Cottage xo


  1. Aw, the poor boy! I hope he gets better really quick! And learns not to sleep so hard that he can fall and not know it until he lands!

  2. Oh, Levon! I am so glad you just need some rest and you should recover just fine. You are a hard sleeper! When I lay on my heated pad, I relax into a limp noodle myself.

  3. You are such a clever girl, Esme! And we just love today's pictures, most especially the very last one!

    The Chans

  4. The pictures are adorable.Meow hugs to them!

  5. We are so delighted to hear this news that Esme has discovered the reason for Levon's injury - extra treats are in order for you Esme.
    We just adore that last picture of Levon and Malou.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. We are glad the mystery is solved and agree that Levon should stick to the floor and low sleeping spots for a little while!!!

    Levon you scared us all...don't do that again :-)

  7. Esme is very smart! She figured it out before the vet! I am so glad Levon is feeling better. Hope he continues to heal and mend.

    Your pal, Pip

  8. Esme, my loves and purrs to you for thinking this out and that last picture was so sweet. I would love to see more like that. xoxoxoxo

  9. We are sending emerjancy purrs for Levon. xx

  10. Hooray! What good news. :)

    You rest up now, Levon, and soon you'll be jumping around like there's no tomorrow!

    Hugs and nosetaps to you all!

  11. Poor Levon! We hope he heals quickly! That was very smart of you, Esme, to figure that out.

  12. WE are just glad that you are getting a little better Levon. Not fun to be hurt. The kittens here sometimes get hurt a little bit but your hurt sounds a little bad. Try not to fall off any more. Take care and have a good evening.

  13. Oh thank goodness you have some answers and that Levon is on his road to recovery. Purring for you little guy for a complete and quick recovery with ease. Enjoy your weekend kitties, love the pictures!

  14. I'm glad it was nothing serious! And that Levon is starting to jump around again!

    XO K:)


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