January 16, 2012

Birthday Cake .

Mitalee , " It was LP's birthday this weekend and we decided to think "outside the box " and do something special for her.We decided to bake her a cake ! "

Mitalee , " I wanted the kittens to be involved too so I asked Levon to do some mixing..."

Mitalee , "...but pretty soon it turned into a game and he sat in the bowl ! "

Mitalee , " And since the kittens firmly believe in the adage "monkey see monkey do" , it wasn't long before Malou was also playing in the bowl ! Unfortunately , we had to boot the kittens out of the kitchen and start all over again !! "

Issa , " Kittens are all legs in motion with absolutely no brains-they don't belong in the kitchen or around food. I told Mitalee that...but would she listen?!  After I put Malou and Levon in kitty jail...um, the livingroom, I started mixing things with Duffy's help."

Esme , " I suggested we make TWO cakes. One from the felines in the house and one from the canines in the house.Everyone thought that was a great idea! "

Duffy , " I knew right away what kind of cake the dogs should make ! "

Mitalee , " I think we did an amazing job for our very first cakes ! See for yourself.What do you think?!"

Happy Birthday LP.It's a hotdog cake from you favourite hot diggity dogs , Issa and Duffy !

Happy Birthday LP. It's a feline's fantasy cake ! Love , from your favourite felines , Mitalee , Esme , Malou, Levon and with best wishes from the fosters, Tulip and Leo."

Have a marvelous Monday!
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage xo


  1. Hahah how adorable.Cute little kitty in the cup.I love their aprons too!

  2. Kitties who cook - we can see the series on TV soon.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Happy Birthday!!! We can see you had a great day full of furry love :-)

    Kittens are always so helpful...gorgeous bowl btw!

  4. Mmmmmm...those cakes are great! We hope the kitty one is tuna flavored!!

    Happy Birthday to LP!

  5. We think you all did a great job with the cakes. :-)

    Belated happy birthday to LP!

  6. Happy Birthday LP - We hope the cakes tasted as good as they looked!!

  7. Happy Birthday LP! I am laughing because I thought that first picture of Levon was a cute little bunny!

    Your pal, Pip

  8. Just a quick reply re: our snow: We had a dusting a couple of times, but it's not stayed. Even had a few super-cold days in December, then we were back up to plus 5-ish. This really was our first bona fide winter blast! Crazy, eh? ;-D

  9. WE love those cakes. Wow you kittie and doggie sure did an excellent job on them. They are really fancy. And a Happy Birthday to LP. Hope you had one great day and many more. The pictures are terrific, especially the kitten in the bowl. Too funny. Take care.

  10. That is amazing what came out of whisking a bit in those bowls, lol!
    I'm afraid I'm no it-wizz, so don't even know how to figure my own URL, sorry!
    We're not quite through the difficult times here. Today another of our young cats (though a feral) was brought to the vet with same symptoms. We don't think he will make it. So it's a bit of a tough time and we've got 9 young (super energetic and frustrated) cats sat in confinement for another 14 days (they've been there already for 14 days!). So yes, we can't wait for one day soon when things will normalize again.
    xo from your friends in Greece,

  11. We Agree, kittens are too flighty for any serious work. Happy Birthday to LP, and we bet she loved those adorable cakes!

  12. Happy birthday to LP! The cakes look very delicious. My favorite part is the little apron!

  13. Wow those are some great cakes you guys made! I'm sure LP loved them:) Happy Birthday!!!!

    XO K:)

  14. Happy Birthday LP! And many more...I'z got my jazz paws goin' for ya and wish you a fantastic year ahead! Theese are mighty fine specimens of cake from both the felines and the hot diggity dogs! Good job all!

    Kitty kisses from Cloon


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