November 28, 2011

The Welcoming Party.

Duffy , " I'm suppose to tell everyone how I feel about the new kittens. LP's idea. She's BIG on feelings and stuff. I know. I roll my eyes too. But only when she's not looking...Anyhoo. I like the kittens."

Duffy , " They are my new playmates ! "

Mitalee , " I agree Duffy! They are fun to watch too."

Mitalee , " They remind me of monkeys in a zoo!"

Esme , " I found this box and I think it is perfect for the "fat little sausages." That is , perfect for shipping them out to the sausage factory..."

Issa , " I love the kittens. But I love them best...."

Issa , "...when they are sound asleep ! "

Malou , " How rude! We hardly make any noise or commotion at all ! "

Levon , " We are as quiet as mice. Or shrews. Srsly. Actually , we are slower than sloths. It's as if we aren't even here ! "

Malou , " In fact, it's rare that we are both awake at the same time , let alone running around like monkeys at a zoo..."

Levon , " And that's the TRUTH ! "

Have a marvelous Monday!
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage.


  1. Hello, gorgeous little ones!!
    Hi, effurryone!
    Yes, we haven't been around for a while. My SS is busy and is dead tired when she comes home, so I do not have help with blogging or visiting.

  2. I can tell you two are little curly maniacs! And I am loving your little bald bellehs!

  3. We're glad everyone is getting along...almost! ;)

  4. Now Levon and Malou - we think you have the right look for everyone to go squee - milk it while you can before you grow bigger!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. I'm so glad everyone is getting along, I knew it wouldn't take long :-)

  6. We're glad your all MOSTLY getting on well! :-D

    Happy Monday!

  7. I am quite sure that Levon and Malou do not cause any trouble at all - little angels, I am sure! Sausage factory ...he he he! Esme, you are very funny!

    Your pal, Pip

  8. Well. You two are so tiny and demure we think it's hardly like you're even THERE! Really. Kittens are generally small and quiet. Everybody knows this!

  9. You two are so darn cute. We have a feeling you might have to run around a little bit since you are kittens. You sure are cute all snuggly and asleep. Take care.

  10. OMG MALOU!!!! @2nd to last photo! D:

    :x glad that things are going at least somewhat ok with the introductions. i'm sure it helps that Malou and Levon have been on their /best/ behavior. ;)

  11. Levon and Malou,
    Oh yeah...the adults are treating us kittens as if we don't exist... Only Bro Brad loves me. meowww....Sebastian

    Hey Seb! Who gave you bloggy time? Shoo! purrr....meow! Angelina

  12. Hope things continue to go well. Asleep kittens are the least troublesome kittens.

  13. Hmm, there appears to be two sides to this story! But we really enjoyed both! You folks are all SO cute, every one of ya...and that's the TRUTH too!

  14. oh. emm. geeeee..... levon and malou are soooo cute i can't stand it!!!


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