November 17, 2011

The Naming Game .

I wanted to share the new kittens' names and how we arrived at each of them today with you. But first before I begin , I thought a few kitten pics were in order so that you could settle into my explanations without going through withdrawal! Um. Or maybe that should be so I ! won't go through withdrawal !!

I'll start with Malou's name. In its' entirety it is : Malou Annabelle Xing-Xing Songbird.

Malou  means , " Wished for child". This is what she strongly became for us when she was literally on the verge of death . None of us thought she would make it and we still can't believe how fortunate we are that she is now here with us. Since she pulled through , she must have heard our wishes!

Annabelle , is K's choice. She loved the name and was thrilled to find out it meant , "loveable"- which Malou certainly is!

Xing-Xing , is Daddyman's choice. It means , "Twin stars. One in the sky and one on earth."  A fitting tribute to angel Lewis.

Songbird , we love songbirds (and all birds) and we are convinced Malou will too!

Levon's full name is : Levon Valentine Thunder Finch.

We had many possibilities for Levon's name . I loved the name Basho (after the Japanese Haiku poet) and Mingus (after jazz musician Charles Mingus) but Daddyman said, No. At one point I had a list of potential names that was ridiculously long but we finally agreed on three potential names. Levon was one of the contenders. One day while driving to the beach with the dogs, I turned on the radio and Elton John's song Levon , which came out in the early seventies for those of you young enough (heehee) to remember , was playing.The lyrics to the song filled the car. " And he shall be Levon...and he shall be a good man, and he shall be Levon, in tradition with the family plan...Daddy man and I belted out.." HE SHALL BE LEEEVONNNN...." and knew we had our name.That name , Levon , was chosen out of respect to Levon Helm who was the lead vocalist to a group called , "The Band" which Elton John and Bernie Taupin hailed as their favourite band at the time of the song's writing.The Band is a Canadian group so that connection was also cool.AND Levon means Lion in Latin... so all good.I've probably said more than you wanted to hear :p

Valentine, was chosen because we used to call angel Lewis our  Funny Valentine.

Thunder, is a nudge to one of Tracy's son's favourite basketball players. He named all three kittens in this litter after his favourite basketball players.

Finch,  was chosen because we like birds and we are certain Levon will too!

Now for more kitten pics! These two babies are tiny.Malou is less than two pounds and Levon slightly more than that and yet their personalities fill space as though they were clumsy bulls in a china shop! Sooo wonderful!

Have a great day!
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage xo


  1. Lots of good names here !
    Whatever has been chosen, I think your pawrents will chose the best for you : )
    You know my old name was " Micio " means kitty, and when I came to live with my pawrents, they gave me lots of names but girl names !!!! ( Because when we first met, they think Me is a girl ), But I didn't react. But when they call me " Puddy " I accepted I chose my own name : )

  2. Thank you for filling us in. These two are just adorable!

    The Chans

  3. Love the names, so cute.They are sweet looking kitties for sure.

  4. Beautiful names for beautiful babies. We are sending them tons of love to help them grow big and strong. xxxxx

  5. Those are great names - and we love that so much thought was put into them. Lovely kits....

  6. We love their names and we are sure they already know how much they are loved.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Hi guys! Our url is! Hyssing is just over 2 years old - you can see baby pix of him here (among other places).

  8. I think it is wonderful that all of you had a hand in naming the kittens. It's a bit of a dictatorship over at our house, I have named all the cats except for Jimmy, Robert named him because I had been through about fifty possibilities and still couldn't decide - LOL!!!

    The minute you introduced the kittens on your blog I thought about Elton John!!! I love the meanings of Malou and Xing Xing too, just beautiful :-)

  9. wow! they're so lucky to have not one but four well-thought-out and loving names! thanks for sharing how you came up with them. :)

    p.s.: i swear just from these photos you've been posting that Levon reminds me a bit of Iggy already! Malou seems like a curious little angel. :)

  10. oh yeah! if you'd like to contact me by email, my email is:
    n i g h s t a r @ g m a i l . com
    (without the spaces). :)

  11. Those are some terrific names for two absolutely beautiful babies. We can tell already how much they are loved, and that is a truly wonderful thing. :)

  12. Interesting naming of the cats.
    Xing-xing reminds us of the choosing of my name, MoMo, which stands for 'fur-fur', or lots of fur.

  13. We loved reading about your names! We did a post about names too a month or two ago. Its so cool how people name their kitties. Gotcha Stories are great too.

  14. Neat post. You are very creative with the naming process! The kittens have such awesome names. I had no idea they are just 2 pounds. They are the sweetest. Purrs to all for harmony and an easy integration.

  15. well, well, well.... purrr.. that is one special post... we adore it. How do you find the meaning of names? .. and how perfectly chosen. Special you. Love Darcy and Bingley xx

  16. I love both of there names!! It suites them:P They're both sooo adorable!!We got some CUTE pics of them:D

    XO K:)

  17. I could seriously just die from the cuteness! How darling are they??!!!

    Ms. Stella's Woman


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