November 14, 2011

Lewis' Kin.

LP , " When Lewis' sister Feist was expecting a litter , my friend Tracy told me she would like to give me one of the kittens as a gift once they were born. At first I was uncertain about accepting this kind and generous gift for many different reasons , the most prevalent reason being I didn't really want to go through the heartache of losing another animal when that animal's time inevitably came. Since I already have quite a few pets as it is , when I projected into the future I felt my heart would be in for some serious bruising once the losses were added up. But after the kittens were born and I saw them it became much more difficult to say , no. Feist had three kittens ; a chocolate and white pointed kitten , a black and white kitten and a black smoke kitten. I chose the black smoke kitten. A little girl. Time passed and all was well , the kittens grew and began to develop personalities.But suddenly it became obvious that the black kitten, the runt , was not thriving. Tracy felt she would probably not make it and asked me to choose another kitten. I chose the black and white boy.A few more weeks went by and the little black girl decided to fight and pulled through! In the end , I decided to take both kittens because as you all know...two kittens are better than one :) The little terrors joined our family last week and we are all head over heels in love. With no further ado, please welcome :

Malou (ma-loo) Annabelle Xing-Xing Songbird.

Levon (lee-von) Valentine Thunder Finch.

Have a marvelous Monday!
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage xo.


  1. They are so utterly gorgeous. We are in love!!!!!

    The Chans

  2. PS: By the way, little Levon really reminds us of Hyssing over at Wrigglebutts:

  3. OMC! They are GORJUSS! xx

    PS: we will never forget little Lewis ~ he has a place in our hearts.

  4. Just look at those itty bitty sweetie-pies!!!

  5. Kuci kuci kuci coo....ooooohhh....we haven't had kittens for ages (Brad is the youngest and he's already 4). And they have such long names...amazing! purrr....meow!

  6. They are both lovely kittens - Malou is cute she looks as though she has a mask on as the deeper colour finishes just under her chin
    and Levon has the cutest little face and his ears look so big - mum wants to give them both big kisses.
    You will have your hands full with this cheeky pair of kittens.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Oh those ears!! So cute!! Congratulations to your new family members!! Malou and Levon, you are very lucky kitties!!

  8. Welcome, Welcome beautiful babies!!!! We know you are going to have a wonderful life :-)

  9. Oh, my goodness! Welcome to two sweet new babies! :-) We wish them long and healthy and happy lives -- the mom understands about projecting into the future and trying to cope with the losses. So we're glad you didn't let your fears rule you and that these two precious ones have a wonderful forever home!

  10. Congrats and purrs on opening your heart to these two.....we are sure their adventures will be many!!

  11. Hooray for the new member !!!
    They are cute !!! and look funny in some way. I'm sure both of them will enchance fun time in ya house : )

  12. Oh my goodness, my heart leaped with happiness to read your news. Congratulations! They are both adorable!

  13. Oh what sweethearts they are! We are in love too! Congratulations! Fantastic names! Love Levon's sploosh on his nose and Malou's black smoke coat, gorgeous! Welcome kitties!

  14. Oh my goodness, I am overwhelmed with the cuteness of these pictures!! They are absolutely beautiful. I am so happy for you and them. Enjoy!

    Your pal, Pip

  15. OMC. They are absolutely adorable! Welcome to your new and wonderful forever home, sweet babies! :)

  16. OhMyCat...we wondered 'Who might want to meet us' and so we came to see and guess what, kitties can Squeeeee too! We are soo pleased to meet ya, Levon and Malou!

  17. oh. em. GEE!!!!!!
    They are sooooooooooo cute!! Are they fancy super short curly coated kinda bald kitties? Not sure what they're called. I didn't realize Lewis was one of those kitties! Or half of one or something... I'm loving that Levon looks like Lewis! Malou is gorgeous!! I want to hug them and bask in their allergen-free glory!!

  18. Soooo ADORABLE!!! I miss them... I need to come and visit... :P I love them both, they are both sooo sweet and full of energy!!

    XOXO K:)
    P.S. I can't believe you got them both and didn't tell me!!



    GAHHHhhh, i've been away for far too long again!!!

    OMG THEY ARE SO ADORABLE OMG. and to think you weren't even sure about getting one.... :) i'm sure they are insanely happy to have not been separated from each other! i feel there is something special about siblings/parents & kittens who stay together. :)

    CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW FAMILY MEMBERS!! and awesome names btw. :)))))))) <- can't stop smiling


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