October 11, 2011

Sunshine on Esme.

Esme , " I'm in an old bassinet in the cottage. It's right next to a big window and catches all the sun."

Esme , " I can play hide and seek with the sun here ; the bassinet is that roomy."

Esme , " Or I can simply stretch out in the sun in my bassinet. I like to sing in the sun. Sunshine on Esme is my very favourite song of all time. At least I think it is a song..."

Have a terrific Tuesday.
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage.


  1. Oh so adorable.I love Siamese cats.

  2. Oh Esme - we must have missed your song. Could you give us an encore please. BTW that looks a comfy place to spend time in the sun.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Awww, an sweet 'baby' in a bassinet! Now you're a baby we'd smooch anytime! Oh, Hey! You are the winner of the Martha Stewart 'Dinnerware', hahameow! Teri was supposed to announce it yesterday but was a bit 'out-of-sorts' as she had to fast for a routine colonoscopy and she just remembered today once she got home from the doctors! She is fine, and if you will email us at furrydance at gmail dot com, she will email our PetSmart Lady and she will get your purresent in the post! Concats and we think the set will go well with Esme's pretty blue eyes!

  4. Olá amiguinhos... Gostei de todos voces e do blog. Que fofinho esta na foto na caminha. Lindo!
    Estou SEGUINDO seu blog, ficarei feliz se vier me conhecer e SEGUIR meu blog também ( JOIN THIS SITE - MEMBERS MY BLOG ). Te espero com muita alegria.
    Aqui no Brasil amanhã comemoramos este dia. Parabéns para todos nós.
    Estou te esperando com amor...

    Aus da amiguinha brasileira...


  5. Esme! How do you keep your whiskers so straight!?!

  6. Oh Esme, that looks like a great napping spot!!

  7. Tabby + brown patches spell torbie to me. Go ahead and send a nice pic and a little story about Mitalee to Bess at


    for admission to the alliance.

    Look forward to welcoming you to TLOA.

  8. I think that that is one of the better places to nap especially with the sun shinning on you:P!

    XO K:)


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