September 1, 2011

Thursday in the garden.September.

                                                                 : : meowwww : :

Leo , " Guess who was able to take  over join me in the garden this week ? She's behind the umbrella."

Tulip , " That's right , it's me... Tulip! I get to come out in the garden now with Leo. LP said as long as I behave. Huh? Why wouldn't I behave?! Of course I need my luxuries like my dog  bed and an umbrella to shield my delicate complexion from the sun rays. Guess what I can smell from here?!"

Tulip , " The rose bush !"

Tulip, " Loverly ! "

Tulip , " LP planted some cat nip in the middle of this rain barrel which I found immediately and nestled in ! "

Tulip , " I don't think Leo even knows it's here! "

Leo , " Pssst. Down here ! I want to show you some flowers that are still blooming. Now that it's September I'm not sure how much longer they will be in bloom..."

Leo , " These flowers look as though they may retire soon..."

Leo , "...but these just started blooming! "

Leo, " These flowers bloomed all summer long and are still blooming. "

Leo , " This tea rose bush bloomed in June and now it is blooming again!"

Tulip ," Blah.Blah.Blah. The thing about Leo is he can get kinda carried away with this garden stuff and now I'm sitting on his garden throne making my take over  tour complete. It's good to be Queen. Hope you enjoyed the tour ! I think this is what LP meant by behaving. You know.Sitting pretty and all..."

Leo , " Lavender's blue, dilly, dilly, lavender's green. When I am King , dilly, dilly, you shall be Queen. "

Have a wonderful day! We hope the garden tour wasn't too long winded today !
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage.


  1. All the flowers are beautiful Leo...but make sure that Tulip doesn't completely take over. Evenly divide the time between the two of you for the throne if you must!! Tulip, that cat nip is better then the throne! And Leo doesn't even know it's there...take advantage of that!! Heehee!!

    XO K:)

  2. Your Flowers, all are so pretty and SWEET !!!!
    but of course, My fav is the cat nip in the middle of this rain barrel !!!
    That's awesome !!! I want one !!!!

  3. Wow you still have so many beautiful flowers to enjoy!!!! I haven't heard that lavender song since I was a little girl :-)

  4. You have a beautiful garden Tulip - Leo has shown use all your lovely flowers.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Wow! What beautiful flowers and a whole barrle of nip!!! Yous guys shoud have a PAWTY!!

  6. Tulip was a gracious guide. Wish she would share the barrel of nip too. purrr...meow!

  7. We think Leo is prepared to make Tulip queen but is Tulip prepared to make Leo king?! We think Not!LOL
    Your garden looks beautiful :)

    Lucas and Lola the pugs

  8. Roses are pink
    Catnip is green
    You're the cutest kittehs
    I have ever seen!

  9. Wow! Your flowers still look great! Most of ours has pooped out now. 'Cept mom's flower pots. Some of those are still going strong!

  10. The flowers are great and we love the pictures of you outside among them!

  11. i know i've said this before but WOW!! your garden is AMAZING!! you are truly blessed with a green thumb. so many different beautiful flowers. i loveeeeee it!


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