September 29, 2011

Thursday in the garden.

                                                                     : : meowwww : :

Leo, " Oh there it is. I never noticed it before."

Leo, "It's a garden urn for Masala, Allegra and Lewis. Don't worry. It doesn't have their bodies in it or anything scary like that. Here. See for your self ."

Leo, " The red flower is for Masala. The periwinkle blue flower is for Allegra.And the orange flowers are for Lewis. LP says it makes her happy to have the flower urn in her garden."

Leo, " We still have flowers blooming in our garden. It's been raining a lot but today the sun is out so I can enjoy the flowers."

Leo, " This plant has done amazingly well. LP planted it in the ground in its' original container to ensure it didn't get too much water from the surrounding soil. This also makes it easy to dig up and transfer to a warmer area before winter arrives."

Leo, " LP can't remember the name of these flowers because she says she has the memory of a jellyfish. Do jellyfish have a memory? Anyhoo... These flowers have been blooming since June and they are still blooming!

Leo, " Well that's the tour for this week. To tell you the truth , I don't know how many more tours there will be in the near future. LP thinks my days in the garden may be numbered now that the rainy season has begun. This information has left me feeling a bit flabbergasted... as can be seen by my facial expression." 

Have a terrific Thursday.
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage.


  1. Leo,
    You've a pawesome garden guide. Unless you wanna play in the rain, I guess you'd better stay indoor. You know how worried the beans will be even if we only sneeze once. purrr...meow!

  2. Leo ! All flowers in your garden is so pretty !!!! I got lots of rain here too but It's Spring !!!!
    Thanks for the tours and I hope you have a purrfect day and get some crunchy bugs ; )

  3. We have rain coming next week too. Don't know if we can handle it...Jonesie is a bit upset about the news.

    Hope you have a good window to keep watch over your garden when the weather gets icky.

  4. I like the flower urn too :-) Oh Leo your expression is indeed a little deflated looking!

  5. Fabulous flowers, Leo. We are crossing our paws that you will have more sunny days to enjoy the garden.

    The Chans

  6. We love your garden urn for Masala, Allegra and Lewis. And your flowers are so pretty!! Most of our flowers are gone now.

  7. Wow, it's great that flowers are still blooming!!
    Leo, I'm sure you will be able to go out in the garden one or two more times!!

    XO K:)

  8. the flowers in the urn are really pretty, as is the urn itself. :) thanks for the tour, Leo. i hope you the nice weather holds out a bit longer!


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