September 22, 2011

Rain . Rain .

                                             Rain. Rain.
                                             Go away.
                                             Come again another day.
                                             Little critters want to play.

Rain. Rain.

Go away.

Leo and Tulip....

...want to play.

Leo , " Nightfall. It continues to rain out there...."

Come again another day.

Have a terrific Thursday!
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage.


  1. Yo Critters,
    I'm the mighty RAIN
    I come and go as I please
    I might stay away
    If only you purrray and say puuuurrrrrlease....

    xoxoxo purrr....meow!

  2. Very Nice Poem : )
    Actually, I don't mind rain, I just have to run and find the shade ; )
    You can play inside buddies ! Rain is so good to the garden : )

  3. My Haiku:

    I'll wear my raincoat
    and yellow galoshes too
    if you'll play with me!

  4. Have you heard the song "Rain drops keep falling on my head"? It seems as though that should be your signature tune today!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Seems like a normal fall on the west coast. :-P

    Love that raindrop shot!

  6. Great photos! Hope the rain clears up for you soon and you can all go wout and play. Alternately, you can all teleport to my garden and enjoy the lovely warm spring day.

    My address is

  7. Hopefully the sun will replace the rain so Tulip and Leo can go out and play in the garden!!

    XO K:)

  8. very nice post. :) i hope the rain has gone away, although i'm sure the plants outside are grateful for the rain.


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