September 19, 2011

Meow like a Pirate.

LP, " We were invited to participate in Meow like a Pirate day and since we are relatively new to blogging , we are not sure what this entails exactly... so this is our version.Hope you like it! "

Leo, " Once we had the map of where the treasure was hidden... we were off. Ahoy out there!"

Leo , " Oh and we put up our sails so that everyone would know that we were Pirate Cats. The most feared pirates of them all..."

Esme , " Actually Leo, I really don't think we are that feared. Did you show them your outfit yet? Yo ho ho (an a bottle of rum!)."

Esme, " I have to say I had no trouble finding my sea legs though. I thoroughly enjoyed sitting on pirate bandanas while the sea waves rocked me to sleep. They felt like actual tissue paper. Blimey!"

Duffy , " Can I meow like a pirate too ?"

Issa , " Dude. This isn't about us. Let Leo finish his story..."

Leo, " Anyhoo... Yo ho ho ! We sailed for days until we anchored near a tiny vaguely disturbing looking island and we could see..."

Leo, " ... all these monkeys be riding on the backs of parrots. Shiver me Timbers! I'm an Old Salt but I've never seen such a sight as that one!  That would be, all these flying monkeys everywhere. Thee parrots were flying around -yee know sort of flying at each other and the monkeys looked to be holding swords... I be thinking.So we decided as a group to turn back...sail ho me squiffy cats!! That's what I called out to me mates."

Mitalee , " Hmm.Or...maybe... YOU decided to turn the ship around without saying a word to anyone... on account of how you looked ? Arrrrrgh!"

Tulip , " I would have scared those monkeys right off the backs of their parrots.I looked fearsome in my eye patch ! You wouldn't have mistaken me for a landlubber... not for one second... but Leo...well..."

Leo , " O.k. O.k. I heard it enough guys...I get it."

Leo , " I looked like a Pirate Babushka. Arrr.Gh."

Have a great day mateys and don't forget to Meow like a Pirate!
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage.


  1. Ahoy there! We b' here to join yoo for a nip of rum! Arggghhhh! Happy Meow like a Pirate Day!

  2. Cottage Felines (and woofies),
    You got it right mateys!!! OMC! Babushka pirate...that's a first one! purrr....meow!

  3. Arrr !!! I yo ho ho an' lugh, yer buccanneer patch look like a hat !
    Two in One I guess..tee..heh
    Happy Meow Like Pirate Day

  4. Avast ye kitties, those are great pictures!!!!! Happy meow like a pirate day :-)

  5. We loved your new Pirate look Leo although it looks as though Tulip has had a tankard of grog too many!! We love Duffy's bandana and Issa is very scary with that eye patch. Mitalee we think your eye patch has slipped a little!!
    Please join us for a bite to eat and some rum punch.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Great post - and your pictures were awesome!

  7. Such good sports, in your Pirate garb, MeowHoHo and a pint o cream!

  8. meYARRRR! ye be a fine band o'gentlecats o'th'sea! we were enthralled by yer adventure, an' wish ye fair winds an' a followin' sea all th'days o'alla yer lives!!

  9. Arrghhhh!!! You make super scary pirates, my friends, especially Leo! What a fierce looking pirate babushka! LOL!

    Your mate, Pip

    P.S,: Love Peace is Healthy badge!

  10. har har har!! We be enjoyin' yer adventure mightily! We never beheld a pirate babushka afore...


  11. Ahoy! We would like to wish ye a grog-filled band 'o pirates day!

    The Taylor CatSSSSS

  12. Dog ahoy! You make scary pirates especially your woofie friend.

  13. Arrrrr! What a fine bunch o' pirates ye be!! Ready t' sail teh 7 seas!! Yo ho ho!!!

  14. Har har har! Ye spun a fine yarn of your adventures, did ye! We say ye are fine pirates indeed!

    Happy Meow Like a Pirate Day, dear friends. :)

  15. LOL, love the pirate babushka! Let's all raise a pint of grog!

  16. Hahahahahahaaaaaaaa, I slay myself laughing. Your post is just too, too funny.
    A pirate babushka!!!!!
    The doggies are totally adorable in their pirate gear.

  17. You all are the best looking pirates I've ever seen!!

    XO K:)

  18. lmao!

    you all were sooooooooooooooooo cute in this post! all of you! good job with your costumes/props and posing for the camera! i loved reading your story, Leo. :)

    p.s. about buying a new camera-- there are so many options out there these days that it's mindblowing! i would suggest starting with narrowing down what you want and don't want in a camera (ie. size, weight, features etc) and then reading lots of reviews. cnet ( ) and Amazon ( ) are often good places to start.

    if you've already narrowed things down and have a certain kind of camera in mind, i could try to give you some recommendations. :) goodluck!


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