August 25, 2011

Thursday in the garden.


Leo , " I'm giving the garden tour from my balcony today."

Leo , " I can see quite a few things from my balcony. I can see the wire basket LP hooked to the metal grid the tomato plants climb up. It has three pots with pretty flowers in them."

Leo , " Look at the rose bush. It's really blooming ! I can't even count how many buds are on it now!

Leo , " And the tomato plant has a few tomatoes on it. Can you spot them on the far left hand corner ?"

Leo , " Flowers are blooming here and there."

Leo , " Prettyful ."

Leo , " Uh.Oh. That's not a flower I see..."

Leo , " It's gray cat!! In MY garden! "

Leo , " Intruder."

Have a great day!
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage.


  1. Grey cat is so bold! How dare he come into YOUR garden uninvited!! Intruder indeed.

    XO K:)

  2. Those flowers are beautiful-love the white ones!
    Leo, Gray Cat might be looking to befriend you...or maybe he is peeing all over your garden...just to pee you off!! Heehee.

    Lucas and Lola the pugs

  3. Who's grey cat?? That naughty little trespasser.. But can I say that he's pretty :P

  4. Oh no!!! Not an evil intruder in your pretty garden - give it the stare of doom!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Leo, at least your introoder has a home (by that collar) and so won't want to move in!

    We so enjoyed your tour; you have such a wonder-full garden to show off!

  6. Your garden looks so pretty :-)

  7. we like the idea of a balcony tour, we might try it when we are tired! Darcy, Bingley xxx

  8. Whoa, there are almost a THOUSAND buds on that rosebush! Cool!

  9. Oh how rude of that introoder to come into your yard, Leo! We hope he leaves your prettyful flowers alone.

  10. Your plants and flowers are looking beautiful. And we love your balcony.


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