August 11, 2011

Thursday evening in the garden.

Issa , " It's my turn in the garden! Actually , Duffy is with me too. It's nice to be able to go outside to our own garden area. "

Issa , " I think I smell rain. It's been raining a lot here in Vancouver this summer! I guess it makes the garden grow and grow and grow..."

Issa , " I can see my favourite plants from the porch ."

Issa , " This rose bush was almost dead at the beginning of the summer."

Issa , " Now it has quite a few buds and we can't wait to see what colour the roses will be! "

Duffy , " I can see my favourite plant from here ."

Duffy , " Isn't it coolio ? ! Issa ! You should check out our new garden cushion . It's super cosy. "

Duffy , " There's plenty of room for two! I wonder if anyone will notice that we aren't felines... and that we gave the garden tour today instead of Leo .It's suppose to be the society of FELINE gardeners. Issa? Are you awake ? Issa ? Oh well... she doesn't seem to be too concerned about it... "

Issa and Duffy , " Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . "

Have a great day!
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage.


  1. Hey woofies! What did you do to my feline friends? I hope you didn't bury them under the rose bush.... purrrr *giggles*

  2. Oh, man, you guys are so lucky you have that super-comfy bed out there! We think we should get our mom to put one out for us too!

    And we think woofies can do garden posts just as well as we cats. Okay, maybe not quite as well, but close. Ha.

  3. We love your comfy cushion - we would like one like that so we've got more choice about where to sit!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. MOL! It's a woofie takeover! But cats need their rest so we guess it doesn't matter!
    We LOVE that cushion ~ it looks VERY comfy!

  5. Now that's the way to garden, atop a big comfy cushion!

  6. Duffy, we love your favourite plant! It looks like a big spongy, stool :) Your garden pillow looks cosy.Enjoy it pups!

    Lucas and Lola the pugs.

  7. you guys have some really nice plants in your garden. :) that big green one is really interesting! never seen one like it before. and that big, comfy cushion you guys have? NICE! :)

  8. That looks like one comfortable doggie bed!! I love that plant to Duffy it's sooo cool!

    XO K:)

  9. You have a lovely garden and it's fun to be shown around by doggies as well!


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