August 23, 2011

Lewis' Blanket .

Tulip , " This used to be Lewis' blanket. Well , one of many blankets actually. He had a whole bunch of blankets on top of the  fridge. Piled high on each other. He used to call it his , " fridge throne". No one else used those stacked blankets. They wouldn't dare! Anyhoo.This plaid blanket was part of his FT."

Tulip , " Leo uses it all the time but I really like it. I like the fringe. Pretty , right? "

Tulip , " A girl has to fight for what she wants and I want this blanket ! "

Tulip , " Even when I stretch I make certain part of me remains on the blanket at all times so Leo doesn't sneak in on me ! "

Tulip , " I also like to contemplate the day half on and half off the blanket ."

Tulip , " I LOVE my new blanket ! Don't you ?! "

Have a terrific Tuesday!
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage.


  1. That is a very pretty blanket Tulip, I wish I had one like that!!

    XO K:)

  2. I cats... And Tulips blanket, Meowww

  3. It looks like a very cosy blanket, Tulip. We especially like the fringe!

  4. It is a lovely blanket and we are sure Lewis likes that you are getting to enjoy it!

  5. We would love that blanket in our wicker baskets! It would look very stylish.You are the Queen of that blanket Tulip! :)

    Lucas and Lola the pugs

  6. We love your new blankie - it's very "you".
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Now that is an AWESOME blankie, worthy of any Princess.

  8. Your blanket is wonderful, I'm sure Lewis would be happy that you enjoy it so much!!!

  9. I think Lewis would want you to enjoy his blankie!

  10. Tulip, we bet Lewis would be happy that you are using his blanket now.

  11. Tulip,
    Consider marking the four corners of the'a cat thing so Leo won't encroach. purrrrr *giggles*


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