August 18, 2011

Leo in the garden .

                                                                   " Meowwwwww"

Leo , " Well I'm back on my throne after the "scruffy pup" takeover last week. I'll reluctantly admit they did a pretty good job ... for amatures and canines , that is. So guess what I am looking at ? The rose bush! Can you guess the colour of the roses ? " 

Leo , " Pink! I should explain that the back area LP turned into a garden used to be where the garbage bins for the entire building were kept (the bins are now in an enclosure outside the fenced garden area), and this single rose bush was left uncared for amongst the rubble for over ten years. It never bloomed and LP assumed it was dead but decided to plant it in one of the new flower beds and it has come back to life! Truly amazing!! "

Leo , " The cedar box to my left has indigenous plants in it which should thrive in our climate.The plant with  round leaves is a ginger plant."

Leo, " I like this corner because I can walk under the plants in the rain barrel at the end of a day and catch the last rays of sunlight ."

Leo , " Whoa! Is that a mini-me? "

Leo , " I scared myself ! That's black bamboo in the tiger planter in case you were wondering. "

Leo , " Well it looks as though the sun is going down. Over me. So I had better head back to the cat room. I hope you enjoyed the tour ! See you next Thursday :) "

Have a great day !
the critters in The Cottage.


  1. Your garden is looking lovely ~ and the Rose clearly didn't like where it was before!
    We love that cat planter ~ it's really cool!

  2. OMC !!! I love your pink pillow !!! Look so good with your fur and da garden ! and you have a lovely garden, I feel fresh and awesome here !
    Any Bugs Around ? I love bugs snacks : )

  3. Your rose is a very pretty pink Leo and you have some other lovely plants too.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. The garden looks fantastic!!! I love that the rose came back to life, isn't that wonderful :-)

  5. nice to meet you - very sleek. We loved the planter too! Great garden. Love Darcy and Bingley

  6. That pink rosebush blooming again is a pretty, little miracle!

  7. Thanks for the tour of your garden, Leo. That pink rose is very pretty.

  8. Your garden is lovely. I bet you really didn't scare yourself...were you just pulling our paws?

  9. Those roses are beautiful!
    Leo you look like you're having a lot of fun out there, I can't wait to go out with you on my next visit!!

    XO K:)

  10. nice tour, Leo. even though the dogs did a good job, it's nice to have you back. :) sorry for my late comment!

    love the last photo, btw! very nice pose for the camera. ;)


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