July 28, 2011

Thursday in the Garden with Leo .

: : three paw taps : : 

Leo , " Today we are going outside to view  pots with flowers. Next Thursday we will tour our new flower beds. Since we are going outside I will be your tour guide from afar as I am not allowed outdoors. BUT , LP says when the back garden area is completed , I will be allowed outside with supervision! I may not look excited but I am jumping for joy inside! "

Leo , " LP has garden lore like this sign in her garden ."

Leo , " And this cool cat who welcomes all who enter the garden ."

Leo , " Since LP is a novice gardener , she mostly plants whatever she likes and then largely forgets what the actual plant name is..."

Leo , " She took a strawberry pot and planted succulents like this one in it ."

Leo , " She took a used fence gate and nailed a flower box to it and then planted these beauties in the box ."

Leo , " Can you see the little pig hiding under the foliage ? "

Leo , " There are a few hanging baskets like this one in the garden ."

Leo ,  " One pot is planted , the other awaits plants and a spot of its' own in the garden ."

Tulip , " My turn! My turn! I want to show the next pot with my favourite flowers ! "

Tulip , " Aren't they prettyful ?!! "

Leo , " We hope you enjoyed the tour of our garden :) "

Have a great day!
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage .


  1. WOW! We love that cat welcome sign ~ mom would love one. Where did you buy it, is it available online?
    And your pots are looking beautiful. A lovely tour. Fanks.

  2. Wow! The garden looks magnificent! I can't wait to go out with Leo when the everything is done!!!

    XO K:)

  3. Oops...! I meant to say, when everything is done!

    XO K:)

  4. Seriously you have such an awesome garden! I can never get flowers to bloom! I'd say you're an expert gardener.

  5. Very Pretty Garden, Mom like the Piggy Stone : )

  6. We think your garden looks wonderful! Love the gate with the box planter, what a great idea!

    BTW, our mom just plants stuff too, and doesn't remember. If the plant grows, great, if not, she just replaces it the following year. LOL.

  7. We did enjoy that trip round your garden - mum particularly liked your blue and white hanging basket.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Hi Leo! Hi Tulip! What a great tour of your garden!! And Leo that is great you will get to go outside with supervision eventually - we are never allowed outside, but it looks so fun out there!

  9. Squeeeee, your garden looks great!!!

  10. Thanks for the garden tour, you have some pretty flowers!


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