July 13, 2011

Leo weighs in . Literally .

          Leo , " LP's friend brought us fresh roasted chicken every day when LP was away for two weeks. She encouraged me to eat as much as I liked. She knows my story. That I was found frozen on someone's back porch and that they thought I had starved to death. Only I wasn't dead. And I survived.  So Best Friend Ev-er told us to eat, eat, eat! So I did!                                                                                                                                                                   

Leo, " She also brought us fresh fish. She told us to , eat, eat, eat! So I did."

Leo, " She brought us organic jumbo prawns and told us to eat, eat, eat. So I did."

Leo, " And now look at me!! I think I've gained at least five pounds! That would bring my weight up to twenty-three pounds!"

Leo , " I haven't moved from the floor in a week! I think I am going through organic jumbo prawns withdrawal."

Leo , " I heart jumbo prawns."

Leo , " LP keeps stepping over me and telling me to get it together! She says she would pick me up and move me herself but it would break her back! That seems a bit severe."

Leo , " What I wouldn't do for one last jumbo prawn. And roasted chicken leg. With a dollop of salmon pate. Sigh. What was the question again? Did LP miss me when she was gone? "

Have a wonderful Wednesday.
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage.


  1. Maybe you ate just a bit to much jumbo prawns...how am I supposed to cuddle you if I can't pick you up?!

    XO K:)

  2. Leo my bro',
    My oh my...jumbo prawns? yummm......all we get is the canned variety. Hmm....would LP's friends want to babysit me? har har har *evil laughs*

  3. OMC! What a feast you've been enjoying. No wonder you put on an itsy bitsy ten weeny ounce or two! MOL!

  4. For HardCore Diet like me, This post is torture !!!!
    Drooling and drooling and drooling....

  5. Apparently YOU didn't miss LP...You didn't have time, what with all that yummy food to eat! LOL.

  6. Good thing you have a big Cookie Pouch to store all that delicious food inside!

  7. ME ME!! I want some too!! Arghhhh so unfair! You guys eat better than I do!


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