July 14, 2011

The Last Word . Esme.

Esme , " I'm supposed to weigh in on LP's recent two weeks absence. Yawn . Mine is the final point of view and some of you will no doubt be relieved. I'm not sure why LP makes any of us do these types of things but here goes nothing. I spent a lot of the two weeks she was away wandering the garden of my mind. My favourite pass time actually."

Esme , " There is usually a castle involved in my mind wanderings ."

 Esme , " And I am a white tiger of course ."

Esme , " Delicate wild flowers are scattered throughout the scenery of my mind."

Esme , " The colours are incredible and blow me away every time I stumble across them ! "

Esme , " I climb mountains effortlessly. My muscles are strong and powerful."

Esme , " Of course the "cat sitter" couldn't see any of this so she was constantly threatening me because I wouldn't eat more. So tiresome . She claimed I would start looking like the day of the dead. Not exactly a sensitive type."

Esme , " The day of the dead. They look like a happy lot to me! "

Esme , " Or maybe she was picturing something like this. Which is a little more creepy in a cheerful sort of way. I heard eat, eat, eat !! A lot."

Esme , " Well I'm not a big eater. LP knows that.So I refused to eat , eat , eat every second of the day ! And I like to snuggle LP. You know. Sleep craddled in her arms at night. So, yeah. I was glad to have her home. But. I am a mind wanderer so it wasn't as though I MISSED her or anything. I would never admit to missing her. I have my pride. I have things that keep me busy. Places to go. In my mind. I am The White Tiger. The Consummate Loner. "

Have a mind blowing Thursday.
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage.


  1. Wow, we loved that journey through the wanderings of your mind, Esme. We would be happy to wander anywhere with you, but we are glad LP is back home safe and sound. :)

  2. Esme, I can tell you have the heart and soul of a white tiger!

  3. I love your castle Esme!!!

  4. You are a convincing white tiger Esme!
    Lucas and Lola the pugs.

  5. You are one of the biggest white tiger I have ever seen!!!

    XO K:)

  6. Hello! I saw you over at PBU and am your latest follower! I think that what you do with fostering senior cats is truly awesome and I'm anxious to read more about your adventures.

  7. White tiger yeah sweetie? Roighttttt.... Well you are certainly as elegant and dignified as one.


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