July 26, 2011

I'm late , I'm late .

Mitalee , " What just ran past us ? Wowsers. That was fast ! "

Esme , " It was a rabbit. Didn't you hear him say he was late for a very important date ? ! And he just fell into a rabbit hole ! "

Mitalee , " Esme , rabbit holes don't exist inside human homes ."

Esme , " I just SAW him fall into one ! He said he had no time to say hello or good-bye. "

Mitalee , " Esme , I just said rabbits don't live in rabbit holes found inside human homes...and I'm pretty sure they can't talk."

Esme, " O.k. then. I just imagined that rabbit running past us and jumping into his rabbit hole. I guess I must be on a nip high except I really did see a rabbit fall into a rabbit hole in our house ! Gah. "

Mitalee , " The next thing she'll be telling me is that the rabbit has turned to stone and is lying low next to my throne. Argh. Some cats and their kittens ! "

Have a terrific Tuesday.
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage .


  1. Mitalee,
    I'm afraid what Esme just said is true. The rabbit has turned into stone and is now lying low next to your throne. It's a nip induced talk. har har har *scared laughs*

  2. For a moment I was thinking that Esme was crazy...until I saw the rabbit that turned into stone next to Mitalees throne!...Sorry Mitalee...Esme was telling the truth!

    XO K:)

  3. MOL... Great Imagination from nip : )

  4. MOL - we thinks you might have to cut back just a little.....though Mitalee might freak out when she sees that rabbit by her throne.

  5. We were expecting to see Alice following the rabbit down the rabbit hole!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. I have a very similar bunny living at my house too!!!

  7. Yep, that nip will do that to you every time! :)

  8. Heehee! That rabbit won't be running again!!

  9. Beautiful post.
    Thank you for smile :)



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