June 21, 2011

Yummy Monkey .

Duffy , " This is my best friend. His name is Yummy and he is a monkey. I take him everywhere I go and he sleeps with me at bed time. The top of his head is getting spotty 'cause ( it's a secret so don't tell anyone) , I like to suck on his head as I fall asleep. Or when I am happy. Or when I am sad. Or during the day as I watch cat politics whooshing by me. I love Yummy. He is my best friend. Well, I already said that . I guess it's worth repeating though ."

Yummy Monkey , " Well , it's not all shooting stars and roses . Some times the love-in can get kinda rough and I end up legless. Or armless. Or earless. Hatless even. That's right . I used to have a swell, dapper some might even say , red , felt hat. Until Duffy chewed it off , ate it . And pooped it out . "

Yummy Monkey , " If I sit here long enough , LP will eventually notice me and stitch me back up again. She's pretty good as long as I have the missing parts. She couldn't do much about my ears. Duffy ate those.Then pooped them out of course. I didn't want them after that . Naturally ."

Yummy Monkey , " Most of the time when these things happen , Duffy waits with me . He feels bad about it ."

Yummy Monkey, " After LP stitches me up , she gives me a bowl of my favourite cereal . The funny thing is , I love Duffy too. He is my best friend . "

Have a terrific Tuesday.
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage .


  1. Duffy you are lucky to have such a sweet best friend.He really is yummy!
    Lucas and Lola the pugs

  2. Hi Duffy - Yummy Monkey looks to be quite a character - be careful he doesn't set you up as the fall guy!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Sometimes relationships are complicated - lol!!!

  4. OMC! Yoor ears got eated up and then POOPED? How awful! And as for yoor leg, good job yoor mom can sew! MOL!

  5. They say love is blind, Yummy Monkey, but for you it's deaf!
    Um, we cats have been known to poop out toy mice parts. 'Specially the tails!

  6. Yummy Monkey, you are a good buddy! Sorry your hat ended up in a bad place!

  7. Duffy, you are lucky to have such an easy going best buddy! Sorry to hear about your hat Yummy...you probably made the right decision by not taking it back after Duffy ate it!

    XO K:)

  8. Haha! Yummy...you must be pretty yummy!!

  9. @Yummy

    .....Duffy chews up parts of you and poops them out??? YOU POOR THING! yay for LP doing what she can to keep you together! that's very nice of her to give you a bowl of cereal too. :) it's cool that you and Duggy are such great friends.

  10. wow yummy! my best friends have never eaten my hats or ears and pooped them out.. they must not really love me :(


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