June 3, 2011

Is that what I think it is ?

Leo , " Is that what I think it is ? "

Leo , " Bring it closer , please ."

Leo , " You have my attention ."

Leo , " Keep moving towards me, s.v.p. (s'il vous plait) ."

Leo , " And you're there ! The coveted hand and brush rush.Never ending brushing. Drool... "

Ed.~ Can you see my hand with brush in the bottom corner of the photo?

Have a great weekend.
See you on Monday.
the critters in The Cottage


  1. Leo, our Derry loves to be brushed too! Usually when the mom is in the bathroom getting ready for work or for bed. He likes to jump up on the vanity and be brushed there, and gets so squirmy with delight she has a hard time. Do you squirm around too?

  2. Fae enjoys being brushed too! try not to drool too much, though. ;)

  3. Nope - we don't like that brushing and refuse to cooperate!!!

  4. Enjoy your brushing Leo!!! Casper loves to be brushed, the others just sort of tolerate it. Although since we got the zoom groom they have been warming up a little :-)

  5. I like being brushed on my back and sides but not my tummy and my armpits cos mum's brutal!
    Luv Hannah xx
    I quite like being brushed cos I don't get knots like Hannah does hahahaha!!
    Luv Lucy xx

  6. MOL. Love it! Leo, we totally understand ... even about the drool. Sammy is like this BIG TIME. He never met a brush he didn't love! :)

  7. We both find the Zoom Groom to be drool-worthy!

    Tama-Chan and her Beebs

  8. I think Leo has such a sweet face!

  9. Enjoy your non stop brushing session Leo!

    XO K:)


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