June 14, 2011

The Cat Walk .

Esme , " K was visiting over the weekend. She brought some clothes for us to model. I played along because recently I've come to a realization about K . It's kind of embarrassing because I've known her since I was a tiny kitten but well , I love her now and I didn't so much before. I mean I liked her but you know, I wouldn't let her handle me or pick me up. She had to worship me from afar. But now I trust her and all that gooey stuff. So I let her dress me up this weekend. For a while . Mostly because she plied me with treats and talked to me in that lovey-dovey voice of hers that makes me melt like a chocolate drop in the sun. "

Esme , " When you model clothes you have to walk down the cat walk. You have to walk like a cat I guess , which is why it's called a cat walk , I think . Anyway, it's not too difficult to walk like a cat down the cat walk when you are a cat. If you know what I mean . "

Esme , " You have to pause and let the audience see the outfit . My audience is Floyd , the flamingo ."

Esme , " Then back to walking like a cat ."

Esme , " Pause. Two , three, four ."

Esme , " Linger , so the audience can see the outfit ."

Esme , " Then it's the mad dash outfit change into a dress ."

Esme , " And pose ."

Esme , " Pose ."

Esme , " Vogue ."

Esme , " All righty then . I'm done . Get this little number off pronto , please. I want to get back to playing with Floyd now ."

Esme , " Rats. Where did that pink flamingo go ? "

Esme , " Oh well. Now I have time for a quick bath. It's good to be a cat . Off the cat walk ."

P.S. Stay tuned.Tomorrow Tulip will be doing some modeling.

Have a Terrific Tuesday.
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage.


  1. you're a natural, Esme! but of course you are. ;)

    is that the Pink Panther with "Puuuurfect" on the back of your first outfit? cool! :D i really really like the pink dress, though. it PUURRRFECT on you! :DDD *gives you more treats for your hard work and awesomeness*

  2. You look great, Esme! Perhaps you need to go over to Daisy's for some tips. though?

    The Chans

  3. Awww !!! So cute Cat walk , Esme
    Me and mom think you are Purrfect !!! like your dress : )

  4. Esme you are a fantastic supermodel!!!

  5. Esme, that dress is particularly pretty on you. Treats will go a long way to persuading a cat to model. LOL.

  6. Esme - you are a great model and your dresses were so pretty. We thought you paused for just the right amount of time for everyone to look closely at your gorgeous poses.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. You were a great model Esme, nice working with you...Tulip not so much, I needed a lot more treats for her!
    P.S. and you looked amazing in that dress Esme!

    XO K:)

  8. Esme, you are are good model! You really know how to walk the catwalk!

  9. Oh Esme, you are a natural model! Bravo!

  10. oh wowww Esme is really making sexy eyes at the camera!


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