May 6, 2011

Pink Floyd's Flamingo .


                                                    Pink Floyd's Flamingo .


                      All that you touch
                      All that you see


                                                           All that you taste
                                                           All that you feel.
                                                           All that you love

                                                             All that you hate
                                                             All you distrust
                                                             All you save.

                                                    All that you give
                                                    All that you deal
                                                    All that you buy
                                                    beg , borrow , or steal .

                                                              All you create
                                                              All you destroy
                                                              All that you do
                                                              All that you say

                                                        All that you eat
                                                        And everyone you meet
                                                        All that you slight
                                                        And everyone you fight.

                                                             All that is now
                                                             All that is gone
                                                             All that's to come
                                            and everything under the sun is in tune...
                                                                                        ~ Pink Floyd. Eclipse.

Have a harmonious  weekend.
See you Monday.
the critters in The Cottage


  1. Esme you are so musical! Enjoy your flamingo :-)

  2. :)))

    hope you have a great weekend too!

  3. Esme it's plain to see that you love your pretty flamingo.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. That was just perfect. Have a great weekend, Esme (and LP and the rest of the crew, too)!

  5. A wonderful earworm...that I'll be humming all day! I figured from the title there had to be lyrics. Bravo!

  6. Enjoy playing with your pink flamingo Esme!

    XO K:)

  7. That flamingo has very enticing, dangly legs!

    ps: Believe it or not, I have learned to look forward to modeling because I associate it with getting treats. I just stand there purring and drooling while I get dressed! With Harley, our mom has to use a toy. While he is completely distracted and focused on one of his wand toys, our mom dresses him up and then holds the toy up so he looks at the camera. He is so focused on the toy, he usually isn't even aware that he's modeling. That's why he usually has a wild and wacky expression on his face!

  8. Such pretty blue eyes on Esme.

  9. I'm sorry you are having trouble with the contest! Were you able to see the entries ok? If so, you can go here: This should bring up a form that lists all of the entries, so you can pick the one you want to vote for from a list. If you still have troubles, let us know on that same blog post (so we'll get an email notification).


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