May 17, 2011

L is for Lewis : Front Row Seats .

LP , " I am a morning person who stays up late. I know. I am an enigma .  My morning routine was fairly predictable when Lewis used to be in the house. He basically was my alarm clock. First , he would whack the wooden blinds against the bedroom window until I would scream sweet nothings at him. He would then attack my feet. He would give me a few moments of respite, and then just as my eyelids would blissfully shut again, he would sit on my face. When that didn't produce the results he was looking for , he would hit the snooze button on the radio which would blast overly cheerful morning music into the bedroom. If all else failed, he would climb the t.v. stand and turn the t.v. on ,  making certain he hit the volume button to an ear piercing level. In other words , Lewis was responsible for getting me out of bed each morning and for keeping me moving. He was my  four legged , slightly manic cup of morning coffee.

Once up, I would stumble to the bathroom and begin my morning ablutions. Duffy, who would now be the giddy cream to that manic cup of coffee would follow me, with Lewis in the lead ; everyone else in the household continued to peacefully sleep on oblivious to what played out every morning , like well greased catwork. Immediately upon entering the bathrom , Lewis and Duffy would climb into the bath tub in order to better cheer my early morning efforts on . This  no doubt occurred in the hopes that their breakfast would thereby be served sooner.Yes, that's correct , I said they would climb into the bath tub. Of their own voalition.

Chorus , " Come on , come on. Gas to the pedal. Pedal to the metal . You can beat yesterday's record. Come on ! What time is it ? It's breakfast time !! "

Lewis , " Seriously ? Flossing ? I mean you haven't even dropped a morsel of food into that yet. "

Lewis , " Really? The hair ? Nobody's going to see the hair. Leave it. Leave it ."

Lewis , " OH MY COD !! Can't you see I'm starving here ? I need breakfast before tomorrow rolls in !! "

LP , " Sergeant Major Lewis , I never thought I'd say this but I miss your morning bugle calls. I hope you are part of a cheering squad wherever you find yourself. I hope you have front row seats."

Have a Terrific Tuesday.
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage


  1. It's in those little everyday things that we miss those who have left most of all.

  2. Lewis was the sweetest little maniac. I can see he left a heartful of sweet memories!

  3. Lots of (((hugs))) from us. Yes, it's those small, daily things that mean so much and that we so deeply miss.

  4. Lewis was such a sweet mancat - we know he has left a lion size hole in your heart.
    Luv and kisses Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Oh sweet Lewis!!! I just love the picture of him "yelling", it made me smile :-)

  6. Silly Lewis! He certainly was an Original. Funny how you miss the small things the most.

  7. Lewis was always the one waiting to eat first thing in the morning. After all his shenanigans in he would wait on the kitchen counter for his breakfast!

    XO K:)

  8. Aw, that Lewis was quite the character! Purrs to you...

  9. What a lovely memory. Lewis sure was a lovely fur-boy.

  10. Lewis surely was a very special and unique kitty. So much personality in a little feline package. Thanks for sharing these memories with us :)

  11. Fae is like this with her breakfast, too. once she's decided it's breakfast time (which is usually atleast 30mins before it actually is breakfast time) there's no stopping her. she'll do any and everything to wake you up and get you out of bed and then she'll do any and everything to rush you into the kitchen so she can have her food.

    alarm clocks, who needs them when you have a food-loving cat/Devon?

    i take it Esme isn't quite as tough in the mornings? :)


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