May 5, 2011

The Great , Long , Curly Hair .

Mitalee , " LP says I have the softest curls you could ever imagine. She says when she looks at me, I remind her of an old blues song she used to listen to."

Mitalee , " I'll hang sort of upside down so you can see my belly curls. LP kisses my belly curls. I know. It feels marvelous to be adored ."

Mitalee, " But I should add I  wouldn't let anyone else kiss my belly curls ! "

Mitalee, " And now for the nonchalant stretch and hold pose. It gets LP every time. Drops her to her knees . "

                                         Now, the girl I'm lovin
                                         She's got the great , long curly hair
                                         An her Mama an her Papa
                                         They sho' don't  'llow me there.
                                           ~ Sleepy John Estes

P.S. This one is for the Tummy contest!

Have a great , long, curly hair day :)
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage


  1. Soft kitty belly floof is definitely hard to resist!!!

  2. Oh what beautiful curly furs you have! LP is very lucky to get to kiss your curly belly furs too!

  3. Those tummy curls are magnificent - what a shame you didn't enter for the tummy photo content as we are sure you would have been very polular with those curls. If you want to enter go to OK Cats and go to their post on 29 April and have a look at what they say. If you want to enter a picture put it on your blog and go to their Fri, 29/4/11 blog and put the link to your blog so they can see it.
    If our mum can understand it we're sure you all will.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Those are some beautiful curly belly furs you have, Mitalee! LP sure is lucky to be able to give you belly smoochies! :)

  5. Just so you know your not the only one who has the privilege to kiss Mitalees beautiful belly curls!

    XO K:)

  6. That tummy contest shot has got to be a winner!!!

  7. Holy CATS! The boys here are all hot-n-bothered by that belly, and Mommy is ready to dive in, regardless of personal injury.

  8. My Mommeh wants to run her fingers through your beautiful curly furs!

  9. beautiful! tummy and everywhere else! :))

    just a random question, but are you a La Perm by any chance? :)

  10. ah! i just realized that you're a Selkirk Rex, aren't you? :)))


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