May 31, 2011

Esme 's Favourite Blanket .

Esme , " This is my favourite blanket ."

Esme , " I like to play hide the ear on it ."

Esme , " I like to stretch my back legs on it ."

Esme , " Do some mild nail polishing on it ."

Esme , " Practice my head ups (good for the neck muscles ) on it ."

Esme , " Sleep on it ."

Esme , " Cleanse my furs on it . "

Esme , " Hang upside down on it ."

Esme , " Hey. LP. Where are you going ? I haven't finished telling you about my favourite blanket..."

Esme , " She walked out of the room. How RUDE !! "

Have a terrific Tuesday.
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage.


  1. LOL! Esme, you are so adorable. You look like you're just begging for scritches and tummy rubs, really hamming it up for the camera. :-)

  2. Humans definitely need to work on their listening skills and availability!! :)
    Lucas and Lola the pugs

  3. Hello Esme, I love hide the ear!!! Enjoy your blanket :-)

  4. You've got some great moves lined up on that blankie Esme - especially like your hide the ear picture.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. You look simply gorgeous on that blabket, Esme!

    The Chans

  6. Esme, that is a pawsome blanket! When my rude mom walks out on me in the middle of the story, I get up and follow her around, talking the entire time! I refuse to be ignored.

    Your friend, Zoe

  7. Such a pretty blanket, no wonder you like it so much!

  8. I most definitely love that fuzzy pink blanket of yours Esme! You look very sweet on that blanket and telling us what you love doing on it like sleeping on it and hanging upside down on cute! I would never walk out on you like that!

    XO K:)

  9. Esme, that is some blanket you have there!!

  10. blankets are awesome, aren't they? i use to have a favorite blanket too. :)


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