May 18, 2011

Art in The Cat Room .

LP, " I love birds. Birds of a feather or birds in the heather ; they can be flocked together or simply singletons , it doesn't matter to me. I love them.When Daddyman and I first became friends we often went bird watching together. I especially love songbirds and I especially love the fact that their singular purpose in life is to fill the air with song, and isn't it amazing that every single songbird can carry a tune.A gift to each of us listening to them.So when I saw a charming mini cabinet with a songbird sketched on it, I considered buying it. It would be perfect to store my paint tubes. My friend who was with me at the time , encouraged me to buy it but in the end I decided against it. I didn't really need it or I needed other things more (cat litter, meds for the foster cats , pet food , cleaning supplies ,  and just about anything else that wasn't a small , bird bureau antique). A few days after Lewis died , this same friend showed up at my front door with the bird bureau antique in hand. She said, " I'd like to think of you painting right now ."

My songbird set of drawers is the place I now store my tubes of paint. It works beautifully! Below is a painting I completed yesterday. I believe the bird cabinet , given to me with love , inspired me to complete this painting as I tend to be a painter who procrastinates !!

It's difficult to get a good picture in the foster room where I paint and this painting resides because the light is bright and for some reason (probably because this is a huge canvas, the painting looks blurred in some places and detail is missing in other places) , but you get an idea!

Here is a close-up of the sweet bunny. This painting will be hung in the cat room along with other paintings I have completed and hung for the fosters , to keep their living quarters cheerful and bright . It should probably now be called the "whimsy room" instead of the "cat room"  !

Leo , " I think I look remarkably like that fluffy white bunny , don't you agree ?  LP must have used me as her muse ."

Tulip , " I love painting too ! I once jumped into LP's lap when she had the paint palette resting there and then I jumped off with my paint covered paws and danced all over the room creating an original collage of paw prints all over the carpet. Breathtaking. Absolutely breathtaking. I'm pretty certain LP was duly impressed. She looked stunned! "

Have a day filled with birdsong.
See you soon.
the critters in The Cottage


  1. What a generous and thoughtful friend to bring you such a lovely gift. The chest is very pretty ~ and I think there is a message there for you: the 'bird song' is essentially territorial in that it communicates the identity and whereabouts of an individual ~ and is also used to hold territory. Maybe beloved Lewis is saying, I am not gone, I am still here in your heart ~ sing on.

  2. What a sweet friend to get the bird chest for you! It makes me happy to think of you painting beautiful and whimsical, happy art.

  3. Tulip what a marvellous surprise you gave your mom doing wonderful little paw marks over the floor - we bet she was overcome with delight!
    Your friend was so thoughtful to get you that bird chest.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. That truly was a wonderful thing for your friend to give you. And wonderful words that Milo and Alfie wrote.

    BTW, we think Tulip could visit and help our mom with her own painting and decorating. ;-)

  5. The bird bureau is lovely and so is your painting!!! I think I'd like to see some of Tulip's artwork too - LOL :-)

  6. That is a beautiful gift and beautiful painting! Did Tulip help paint it? :)

  7. Wow, what a wonderful friend, and what a heartwarming and heartfelt act of kindness. We LOVE that you hang your work for the fosters to brighten things up. We also vote for an exhibition of Tulip's work! :)

  8. That painting looks great! And yes Leo I think that you look identical to the bunny in the painting!

    XO K:)

  9. that was really nice of your friend. :) i think it's cool that you paint and then decorate the cat room with your paintings. and lol @Tulip.... since you have carpet i think that if i had been you i would have had a heart attack first and been impressed later. ^^;

  10. i love the bird chest and your awesome painting! the bunny is awesome. i didn't know you painted. that's a terrific hobby. i wish i had some talent :)


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